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PS Whey Protein by Pro Supps whey protein quickly assimilated by our body, useful for bringing essential amino acids to our muscles

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PS Whey Protein by Pro Supps is a protein supplement in powder formulated with concentrated and isolated whey proteins. Quality supplement without thickeners and without inexpensive fillers, it is very suitable in post-training to speed recovery and optimize muscle building.

Perfect solubility, with the availability of 2 different formulations of delicious flavors, this supplement allows the sportsman to integrate Bcaa and essential amino acids, supports protein synthesis and optimizes the regeneration of damaged muscle tissues with the effort of intense exercise in the gym.

In addition to the support of L-Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine, this protein supplement is rich in L-Glutamine, an important amino acid during a phase of intense sports preparation, which intervenes to prevent over-training and to reinforce defenses immune.

PS Whey whey protein for muscle building
During a protein and caloric regimen, typical of the mass building phase, this supplement can be used in combination with a source of carbohydrates with rapid assimilation, perfect is for example the synergy with a source of carbohydrates Vitargo, nutrients that push amino acids until inside the muscle cells and optimizing muscle anabolism. Used in the post-workout, after an intense training session, this supplement also improves the relationship between Testosterone and cortisol, is an energy support to improve the approach to training, increases physical strength and power and improves the attention threshold and mental concentration during the effort phase.

The new protein powder by Pro Supps is a useful supplement even during weight loss to combat muscle catabolism. With the intake of amino acids, in fact, a positive nitrogen balance is maintained and the degradation of the already acquired muscle mass is avoided. In the definition phase, with a low calorie diet in which the intake of carbohydrates is reduced, amino acids represent the main energy source for training.

PS Whey: post-workout rich in essential amino acids
Therefore, integrated before training, we talk about a very important glucogenic support also for aerobic disciplines. This protein supplement ensures the highest quality standards, is formulated without fillers and only with the best carefully selected and controlled nutritional sources. Ideal for a snack and for post-workout supplementation, with this protein formulation you can prepare a delicious shaker by adding water or milk, the fine powder has no lumps, has an extraordinary solubility and is easy to digest and assimilate quickly.

This integrator completes a wide range of products that are gaining more and more success among athletes, the ProSupps brand is in fact one of the emerging realities in the field of sports nutrition, appreciated for the nutritional value of its products and for the excellent value for money.

Features of PS Whey Protein
Concentrated and isolated whey protein supplement,
Speeds recovery and muscle building
Rich in Bcaa, essential amino acids and glutamine,
Increases muscle strength and power,
Excellent post-workout anticatabolic and useful as a glucogenetic support,
Without fillers and without thickeners.
PS Whey Pro Supps can be mixed in a shaker with a 33 gram portion with 300 ml of water or skimmed milk. Use 2 - 3 servings per day depending on your diet, rapid assimilation makes them ideal for breakfast and post-workout.

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PS Whey Protein by Pro Supps whey protein quickly assimilated by our body, useful for bringing essential amino acids to our muscles

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