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PS Isolate whey proteins isolated with high protein content, no sugar, fat, lactose and gluten produced by Pro Supps

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Pro Supps PS Isolate is a supplement based on high quality, isolated milk whey proteins, extracted keeping the temperatures controlled so as not to denature the numerous essential amino acids present in it.

All the ingredients present in the PS Isolate Pro Supps have been carefully selected with top quality raw materials based on solid scientific foundations in order to satisfy the demands of even the most demanding athlete.

PS Isolate serum protein isolated without carbohydrates and fats with high protein percentage
Through a cold ultrafiltration process it is ensured that there is no denaturation of the protein and that the final product is highly bioactive. Pro Supps PS Isolate is a protein with the highest level of absorption and digestibility, bioavailability is 20 grams of pure whey protein isolated whey with a higher level of absorption and maximum availability.

The properties of whey proteins are now in the public domain, their high biological value allows to quickly obtain a high concentration of essential amino acids in the blood stream. This feature is of primary importance especially in post-training, favoring the activation of protein synthesis (muscle growth) and accelerating recovery times.

The main amino acids in PS Isolate
- BCAA amino acids: branched chain amino acids are essential nutrients that the body extracts from proteins derived from food and in particular from meat, dairy products and legumes. BCAAs are essential compounds, which the body is unable to produce independently. This makes an adequate supply of the amino acid even more important. The three essential components that make up bcaa, are used among other things, to digest food, repair muscles and tissues and ultimately help cell development and reproduction.

- Leucine: The combination of leucine with other amino acids or with certain carbohydrates is an extremely effective way to significantly increase endurance during a physical workout, precisely because at the same time it helps the body to increase both energy level and synthesis protein: as a result, during training athletes and body builders can thus benefit from less muscle fatigue, which allows them to intensify their sessions.

- Cysteine: Cysteine ​​supports the synthesis of glutathione antioxidant, it therefore plays an important role in detoxification and the consequent protection of various tissues and organs. According to recent studies this not only slows down the natural aging process, but also helps to prevent diseases such as senile dementia and multiple sclerosis, or in those diseases associated with an accumulation of toxins.

Features of the PS Isolate Pro Supps
Isolated proteins formulated for maximum performance,
Zero Carbohydrates and Zero Fats,
Lactose, Gluten & Sugar Free,
Maximum Solubility and Digestibility,
Triple Filtration,
Quick absorption ideal for pre and post training.
Recommended intake
Like all proteins falling into the category of isolated whey protein, it is advisable to take it after workout and in the morning, both when the body needs amino acids quickly. Simply dilute one scoop in 200ml of water or milk.

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