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Abs Of Steel is a slimming cream to sculpt the abdominals, made with three active ingredients that break down the fat, convey it to the oxidation plants and drain excess fluids

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Abs Of Steel 237 ml by Protan USA, is a slimming cream that will sculpt your abdominals much faster than any other product and especially if used in combination with a hypocaloric and hypoglucid diet.

This product to improve localized blemishes is good both for him and for her, as it is made with three main ingredients that will go to demolish the fat, transport it to the oxidation plants but also to drain excess liquids.

Caffeine, carnitine and coenzyme A, a triad that in synergy is really very effective in decreasing that layer of fat and water that still, after months of diet, covers your abdomen.

Abs Of Steel: mechanism of action of the product

From the point of view of the method by which the ointment in question, will decrease the fat and water retention located on the abdomen, we can list three main mechanisms mediated by the different ingredients, and then:

  • caffeine, a nerve stimulant of plant origin that acts as a lipolytic, causing the release of catecholamines and especially adrenaline, a neurotransmitter that in addition to speeding up metabolism is responsible for sending and passing on some metabolic signals that induce degradation and mobilization of fat, and also has a natural diuretic effect;
  • carnitine, is mainly concerned with causing the penetration of long chain fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they can be oxidized and transformed into energy;
  • coenzyme A, a compound that is indispensable for metabolism and especially for fatty acids, so we can deduce its importance in weight loss.

In order, however, to achieve the maximum result from the three compounds on said, you must use the product in a certain way and in a specific nutritional context, we see:

  • apply an adequate amount of product on the area to be treated until it is completely covered and massaged with circular movements until the cream is completely absorbed. You will feel a sensation of heat and you will notice a reddening of the skin, it is completely normal not to be alarmed;
  • use, if you can, the product in the morning on an empty stomach just before an aerobic exercise session, so as to entice the body to break down the fat for energy purposes.

Attention, the product is only for external topical use, therefore do not apply on open wounds or excoriations and do not bring into contact with the mucous membranes; wash hands thoroughly after use.

What synergies are possible with Abs Of Steel?

From the point of view of the external use of the product, you must not combine any other cream to avoid interactions between the different ingredients, but you can, in order to assist the slimming result, act from the inside, both with the same compounds and with others , let's see some examples:

  • guggulsterones, these are plant sterols that cause an increase in the release of thyroid hormones that are connected with the mobilization of fat;
  • raspberry ketones, another thermogenic but not nervous stimulant, acts mainly on the body temperature increasing it and with it stimulating the caloric expenditure;
  • synephrine, a sympathomimetic that reduces appetite and in fact controls body composition;
  • tribulus terrestris, a vegetable precursor of testosterone, a hormone that develops a strong lipolytic component in the context of a low-calorie diet.

Finally, remember that even the force with which ABS Of Steel is applied can make the difference on the drainage of water retention, so it massages with a certain vehemence to cause water drainage.

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