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Hydra Steel draining supplement made with a blend of plant extracts to eliminate excess water retention, ideal combined with the high-protein slimming diet

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Hydra Steel 80cps by Protan USA, international brand known in America for the effectiveness of its supplements, is made of a blend of plant extracts that will eliminate all the excess water retention that still makes you look "smooth" and heavy. The supplement has nothing to do with diuretic drugs, (we remember it for clarity). Nevertheless, and by combining some tips, the same supplement will give you the difference you are looking for about the separation of your muscle groups.

Very often bodybuilders, especially the neophytes, do not understand that the veil that still covers the abdomen is not fat, but rather water. Therefore it is useless to continue doing a stressful diet, it will be enough to introduce the supplement and apply some simple, but effective , advice, which we will later see one by one. Before starting, however, we also remember that the product contains caffeine and guarana, to also provide energy and not just action on diuresis.

Hydra Steel Protan: eliminate water and be more defined, that's how

We had first mentioned that in order to maximize the natural diuretic effect of the product, it is enough to combine it with simple rules that will determine the catalysing of results, let's see them one by one, and then:

-prefer a diet low in carbohydrates and rich in proteins and good fats, this to prevent the carbohydrates from drawing a lot of water into the tissues, but also to obtain a greater draining pressure thanks to the fact that the proteins are diuretic by nature;
-drink plenty of water low in sodium and with a low fixed residue; water is absolutely the best diuretic that Mother Nature has made available to us;
-elimination cooking salt added to foods. What is naturally contained in food is far enough to satisfy our needs, and its continuous excess will only increase water retention and even blood pressure;
-include aerobics sessions in your workout in order to sweat and expel excess fluids, as well as toxins, in this way.
Regarding the latter aspect, however, remember to replenish the mineral salts with a specific product, to avoid performance declines, muscle cramps and a feeling of exhaustion after training.

Not only a draining and purifying effect with Hydra Steel

We said earlier that the supplement also contains caffeine anhydrous and guarana, two compounds that act on resistance, energy and mental concentration, but at the same time hold proven draining properties, which is why they have been enriched in the product.

Finally, let's try to give some little advice on training during the periods you want, and with the supplement in question, you can reduce water retention. In these moments, that is when the body is short of liquids, the advice we feel to give in terms of the type of workout, is to reduce the loads applied, perhaps by increasing the intensity by means of greater repetitions.

This is because the liquid, although unaesthetic, lubricates the joints by protecting them from easy injuries, especially caused by overloads and exercises, for example in series stripping rest pause, just to name a few. Finally a brief summary on Hydra Steel Protan:

  • it is not a furosemide-type diuretic drug;
  • it is made only with plant extracts;
  • it drains excess fluids naturally;
  • it also acts on energy and resistance;
  • it is ideal in combination with the hypoglucid diet;
  • it works best by following simple dietary and training rules.
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