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Amino Charger + Hydration is branched bcaa enriched with compounds to rehydrate tissues, excellent as intra and post workout in endurance and power activities

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Amino Charger + Hydration 399 gr of Nutrex Research is a new formulation based on branched amino acids enriched with elements to improve tissue hydration. This product is excellent both as an intra and post workout in endurance activities but also in those of power, especially during periods of summer heat. There are many and different effects that you will experience taking the supplement in question, starting from a faster plastic recovery, through a better cell volumization, and up to the glucogenetic push to support the performance at the energy level.

It is a real charge for your muscles, as it will provide the necessary substrates to make you produce ATP fuel, preventing it from being synthesized from the amino acids present in the muscles, a factor of particular interest during the periods of low-calorie diet or when prolonged activity results in complete depletion of glycogen.

Amino Charger + Hydration: mass or definition makes no difference
Whether in the case of weight gain or weight loss goals, this food supplement can help you, and the same in the event that you face a resistance race, let's see why:

in mass bodybuilding (as post-workout), the branched bcaa (6g per dose) will support protein synthesis, send reports of cell proliferation, reduce the Doms effect and facilitate growth by means of a better endocrine boost from testosterone. While all the moisturizing elements will facilitate and catalyze all those chemical metabolic reactions that lead to the restoration of tissues and energy stocks;
in that of definition as pre-workout, isoleucine and valine will provide part of the glucogenetic substrates for the indirect production of Atp from the glucose released into the blood, leucine will prevent proteolysis also by KIc and HMB (its under metabolic products) , and the elements for hydration will help the volumization of the muscles and above all the lubrication of the joints, the latter factor which is decisive for carrying out exercises with overload but without risking easy injuries.
Instead, as far as the use of the product in endurance activities is concerned, the effects will be practically the same as in the definition phase in bodybuilding, with the difference that it is advisable to take it with a greater quantity of water, since sweating will in all probability be , much higher.

Nutritional focus on Amino Charger + Hydration
But what is inside the product? On the Bcaa it is not necessary to dwell further as they are the classic leucine, valine and isoleucine, while on the moisturizing elements we make a brief summary, and therefore:

calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium are electrolytes, so they regulate tissue fluid levels, but also heart rate and are so very important in physical activities;
magnesium, more than anything else used for the synthesis of energy and therefore its positive effects in performance are obvious;
taurine, it is an excellent moisturizer that together with glutamine (MGG) will volume the muscles supporting recovery but also performance.
Finally, the coconut water powder, yet another moisturizer that puts Amino Charger + Hydration as an excellent volumizing, ergogenic and anabolic solution, in short, a product that will provide you with a real plus, American Nutrex quality!

Brand Nutrex
Made Made in USA
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Excellent post-workout

This is a well-balanced mix of aminos and other ingredients that offered an optimum recovery for me.

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