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Aqua Loss is a completely natural diuretic that helps eliminate excess water from the body. It helps reduce swelling and improves muscle definition

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Lipo-6 Aqua Loss 80 cps by Nutrex Research is the solution you were looking for to eliminate that veil that still covers your abdominals, and does not allow you to show the results of all the efforts you have made this year in the gym. This product is a blend of four plant extracts that are well known also in phytotherapy for their draining properties, that is to say of the reduction of liquids under the skin that provide you with that "smooth" potato effect.

Before going into the specific detail of this food supplement, we must make a distinction, specifying that the product in question is only a supplement, and has nothing to do with diuretic drugs such as furosemide (Lasix) which are absolutely to be avoided if they are not prescribed by the doctor as there are no specific diseases such as edema and high blood pressure.

Lipo-6 Aqua Loss: you no longer need to lose weight
Often the body builder is not yet satisfied with his muscle definition, he continues undaunted to stay on a diet trying to eliminate fat to appear more defined. This is a common mistake made by beginners or athletes who are not particularly careful. The reality is that in the vast majority of cases what you need to eliminate is not fat but water, so you are wrong strategy and the only effect you will get is muscle catabolism.

Try instead to follow a maintenance diet and to take a product like this that will improve the drainage of excess fluids giving you a much denser, definite and separate appearance, just like you and the girls on the beach.
As we said the integrator object of the present description is a mixture of plant extracts, and therefore:

dandelion or dandelion officinale extract, plant of the Asteraceae family;
Oxystelma esculentum another painta used in ayurvedic that reduces excess fluids;
horsetail or equisetum arvense, still a plant family of the Equisetaceae;
bearberry leaf extract.
Then there are also two minerals in the product, an electrolyte and an ergogenic, we are talking about potassium glycinate and magnesium taurate, the first deputy to rebalance the hydration of the cells which can undergo reductions when the urination is considerably increased, and the second to sustain the energy synthesis also discouraged due to the few calories introduced.

Some practical tips to amplify the effect of Lipo-6 Aqua Loss
Now let's see how to take the product in the best way in order to get the maximum result in terms of defining the muscles, but without stressing ourselves too much by producing cortisol. Here are simple to effective advice, and therefore:

as part of your maintenance diet, whether it is maintenance or still low calorie, it completely eliminates the added cooking salt, given that sodium chloride retains very large amounts of water, and that naturally contained in food is more than sufficient to satisfy our needs daily;
drink at least three liters of water a day, non-carbonated and low in sodium, it seems strange but it is the water that determines the best natural diuretic effect;
take Lipo-6 Aqua Loss in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bed, so you can make the most of it.

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