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Vindicate Bcaa is an amino acids branched supplement enriched with glutamine, carnitine and a multivitamin blend, excellent as an anti-catabolic energy and for recovery

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Vindicate Bcaa 240 gr by Dynamik Muscle is a food supplement of branched amino acids with a 2: 1: 1 ratio enriched with l-glutamine, carnitine and vitamins, to provide maximum energy and anti-catabolic support. This product can be used both as pre, intra and post workout, so as to help gluconeogenesis, protein synthesis and plastic recovery. Consider this type of amino acid, which the branches represent almost half of the total aminogram present in the skeletal musculature of the adult man, thus deducing their importance in terms of hypertrophy.

But the characteristics of these macronutrients do not only reduce to an effect of aiding the regeneration of the lean mass, in fact said compounds hold further and numerous properties that can ultimately be traced back to better results in the gym, both of maintaining the mass and of its growth, as we will see better below. We therefore go on to observe the different ways of use, also in relation to the effects they promote.

Bcaa in the post-training phase: action and method of use
We start from the most common use of a product like this, and therefore immediately after training to help the anabolic window: in this situation your body needs nutrients in a very short time, so as to avoid that they can be taken from the tissues painfully acquired muscles, which would be catabolized. Here you will also need to provide adequate insulin boost, to encourage the metabolic use of amino acids.

For this purpose you can also add Vitargo to the dose of Bcaa, or compounds with similar insulin action. The first one will provoke the insulin push, while the second ones will push the nutrient into the cells but without the intervention of insulin and therefore without the need to increase the glycaemia, which causes the release of insulin, a hypoglycemic hormone. However, once the branches are in the cells, you will experience the following effects:

  • encouraged protein synthesis;
  • increased endogenous testosterone production;
  • activation of anabolic signaling pathways such as mTor;
  • subsequent increase in strength and resistance;
  • decrease of the Doms effect.

Glutamine, carnitine and vitamins, that's why they are present in Vindicate Bcaa
Let us now try to understand better the reason that sees this integrator enriched with the elements mentioned above, and therefore:

  • glutamine helps myogenesis, speeds up glycogen resynthesis, promotes the elimination of toxins that accumulate with physical fatigue, and prevents overtraining;
  • carnitine, on the other hand, will help produce energy from fat, but it also has a strong antioxidant component, especially for high-energy tissues such as muscle and heart.

Finally, the vitamins, present in the blend, are micronutrients that perform numerous functions within the body, including some that are directly connected with the synthesis of energy, with the efficiency of mitochondria and with many other mechanisms that can be traced back to better performance.

To conclude, let us remember that by taking this pre-workout product, you will be able to benefit from its powerful anti-protein and even glucogenetic action, particularly noticeable during a low-calorie diet when carbohydrates are lacking, and the body seeks alternative sources of energy to release glucose into the blood and from this synthesize Atp. Short summary of Vindicate Bcaa:

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Vindicate Bcaa is an amino acids branched supplement enriched with glutamine, carnitine and a multivitamin blend, excellent as an anti-catabolic energy and for recovery

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