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L-Glutamine Micronized glutamine free form supplement is made of micro crystals to optimize solubility and absorption, excellent both in mass and definition.

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L-Glutamine Micronized 300 gr by Dynamik Muscle is a glutamine-based supplement in free form made of micro crystals to increase water solubility and metabolic absorption.

It is an amino acid that is not essential in the body as we can self synthesize it from other substrates, but it is advisable to integrate it as well during intense sports activities.

In fact its use in the body is so wide that its serum levels in the blood decrease considerably after training, and this reduction is accompanied by a decrease in protein synthesis.

L-Glutamine Micronized as a hypertrophic recovery support
Here we are dealing with a macronutrient that forms the basis of a correct supplementary nutritional program where it is desired to facilitate the achievement of one's results.

Specifically we can say that glutamine in free form:

  • supports muscle protein synthesis even if it is not one of the nine essentials;
  • acts as a muscle fuel and not just because it is glucogenic;
  • improves the speed of glycogen resynthesis and with it the ready-to-use energy stocks;
  • promotes the release of the potent growth hormone compound both anabolic and lipolytic;
  • helps immune defenses that are reduced after a heavy workout;
  • speeds up the elimination of muscle toxins by improving the strength and impact of Doms;
  • volumizes the muscles for hydration, facilitating nutritional exchanges.

So in general we can say that the amino acid in question is a very valid aid for muscle growth, as it favors tissue and energy recovery.

Furthermore, being a glucogenetic amino acid, it can be used in the liver to synthesize glucose when carbohydrates are lacking due to dietary restrictions of the weight loss diet.

Methods of use and synergies of Micronized L-Glutamine
Before or after the workout, or even in the evening before sleeping depending on the effect that you want to exploit the most, these are the different modes of use, and therefore:

  • if you want to get the energy boost while avoiding the catabolism induced by gluconeogenesis, then take the product before the workout;
  • if you want to take advantage of the plastic and volumizing component of the cells, then take the supplement after weight training;
  • if instead you want to enhance the release of GH it is convenient to take the supplement in the evening before sleeping, to help the normal physiological peak that occurs at night in the first hours of deep sleep.

The optimal dosage to obtain the best possible effects contraindications, is 5g twice a day, delayed depending on the goal to be achieved, as explained above.

Let's not forget to report adequate synergies to amplify the potential of the integrator, and therefore:

  • as a pre-workout glucogenetic and anti-cardiac push, add HMB and a pool of glucogenetic essentials;
  • how to improve post workout recovery of branched Bcaa, creatine and vitargo will be optimal to determine protein synthesis and glycogen restoration;
  • as a support to the endocrine thrust test arginine, lysine and gaba, a triad that will undoubtedly greatly enhance hormonal modulation.

Finally we remind that L-Glutamine Micronized should also be taken as part of an adequate and balanced food program, and in no case should it be understood as a total substitute for normal food. Do not take during pregnancy or if you are following pharmacological therapies.

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