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GH Max thanks to the presence of Arginine and Ornithine is a powerful stimulant of Nitric Oxide with minerals and plant extracts produced by Universal Nutrition

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GH Max is the new pre workout supplement produced by Universal Nutrition formulated with Arginine, Ornithine and Vitamin B6 suitable for stimulating the endogenous production of somatropin, better known as GH or growth hormone.

In the realization of this innovative pre-workout, he wanted to create a product suitable for all athletes who need energy support during their workouts as well as a valid support to promote muscle definition by stimulating GH production.

The growth hormone, better known as GH, exerts numerous functions in our body including promoting the transport of amino acids to the muscular level and the lipolysis of adipose tissue, thus operating a catabolism of the fat tissue to obtain further energy reserves.

GH Max rich in amino acids to stimulate Nitric Oxide
Recent studies have shown that taking products like GH Max before bed promotes the repair of damaged muscle tissues; in fact, during the first hours of sleep, the metabolism works effectively to regenerate damaged muscle tissues during training. It has also been shown that in this phase of the I, called the "Rem Phase", the levels of testosterone (another steroid hormone), reach the highest levels and acting in synergy with the other hormone GH go to promote a correct protein synthesis.

Another aspect to note is that somatropin not only actively participates in the hormonal axis responsible for the anabolism but actively participates in weight loss as it provides a predominant lipolytic appearance. This supplement is therefore an excellent weight loss aid due to its ability to increase the breakdown of triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol. To promote this effect, the team of Universal Nutrition has implemented the formulation with Carnitine, an element responsible for transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria, promoting their oxidation for energy purposes.

As we have seen so far, this product is a valid support in the field of fitness, especially in activities aimed at reducing adipose tissue and regenerating muscle tissues. But its characteristics do not stop only at these two points, in fact besides supporting the production of Nitric Oxide it can also give rise to an ergogenic effect that is to improve different aspects of physical performance.

Arginine and Ornithine to increase GH production
Arginine and Ornithine, two elements present in the formulation, are precursors of GH and nitrogen monoxide also known as nitric oxide, a gas naturally present in our body and which has a powerful vasodilating function, a characteristic that brings many benefits both in appearance of performance both from an energy and plastic point of view. Greater vasodilation is equivalent to a greater supply of nutrients which corresponds to better results in terms of energy and hyper-factories.

Due to the short bioavailability of nitric oxide in the formulation, Vitamin C was introduced, which in addition to the antioxidant characteristics that we all know, extends the duration of nitric oxide in order to amplify its effects.

The characteristics of GH Max
Promotes the production of Nitric Oxide,
Contributes to the loss of fat mass for energy purposes,
Improves muscle mass and definition,
Increases vasodilation in training.
Universal Nutrition GH Max is an ideal formulation for all bodybuilders and powerlifters who seek an energetic stimulus during training, if taken before bedtime they can naturally stimulate the production of nitric oxide, a precursor of GH; Growth Hormone (GH) has the ability to increase lean mass by stimulating protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in the muscles.

Studies have shown that this advanced formulation also contributes to carrying specific essential amino acids into muscle cells, as well as having an insulin-like effect. It also contains added boron (from a special Tri-boron complex), vitamin C and vitamin B6 fused into a base of herbal substrates. Each GH Max tablet incorporates advanced extended release technology (Unisync) to ensure proper release into the bloodstream.

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