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MSS Menace Super Shredder is a thermic lipolytic and appetite suppressant, with this product you will destroy your body fat in just a few weeks (it includes two types of yohimbine)

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MSS Menace Super Shredder 60cps by DJ Nutrition, the fat burner you haven't tried yet, is a product that in your vocabulary will change meaning to the word "slimming". Thermogenesis, direct lipolysis and inhibition of appetite, these are the three main effects you will experience on yourself taking only two capsules a day of this supplement. Two types of caffeine, from coffee and cocoa, two types of yohimbine and synephrine, a triad that will destroy your body fat.

With only four weeks of integration and a low-calorie diet, you won't believe your eyes, your abdomen will be carved like a marble slab, and finally you will have the look you always wanted. So let's go into the details of the mechanisms that will lead you to this result by means of the product in question, but before doing so a little warning. Don't take it too close to the hours of sleep at night, or you'll have trouble falling asleep.

MSS Menace Super Shredder: thermogenesis and lipolysis with caffeine and yohimbine
Let's start with those ingredients that are perhaps best known for their stimulating and slimming properties, these are caffeine and yohimbine, let's see them in their specific metabolic roles:

from two different sources (coffee and cocoa), caffeine acts on the nervous system mediating the endogenous release of catecholamines, neurotransmitters that improve oxygenation of the muscles, raise the threshold of mental attention and generally help the subject to prepare for physical activity. Then there is one thing to consider: adrenaline, one of the catecholamines, is directly connected with the alerts that in the cell membranes of adipocytes (ie the cells that contain fat) serve to activate the degradation of triglycerides;

also for the yohimbina we have two different types: that obtained from the bark of the pasuinistalia yohimbe, and the rauwolscina (alpha yohimbina). These vessel compounds dilate, stimulate thermogenesis and lipolysis, according to metabolic pathways still not fully understood. In any case, we are dealing with stimulants belonging to the indole class.
Obviously, and as always, combining the use of the product with a hypocaloric diet will guarantee you the maximum of the slimming potential, so as to change your body in a few week and without accusing excessive stress.

Decreased appetite and synergies of MSS Menace Super Shredder
We now come to the last ingredient, but not less important or effective, of this product for weight loss which is the synephrine, a sympathomimetic compound that is extracted from the unripe seeds of the bitter orange and which is able to reduce considerably the sense of appetite thus facilitating the achievement of the negative caloric balance, an indispensable requirement to be met if you want to lose even a kilo.
Finally we see some synergies that can amplify and improve the action of MSS Menace Super Shredder:

500mg of tyrosine may enhance the release of catecholamines but also of iodized hormones such as thyroxine, a compound that greatly increases both basal metabolism and thermogenesis, resulting in greater energy expenditure at rest;
branched bcaa will help to keep the musculature intact, since we are talking about a product that should be used in a low calorie diet, you will not want for sure that along with the fat the hard-won muscles disappear too;
of vitamin C to counteract the oxidative stress of free radicals, small but reactive molecules that are also produced in response to physical efforts.

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MSS Menace Super Shredder 60 Cps

Lo ritengo superiore a lipo 6 Black, ottima spinta energia pulita!

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MSS Menace Super Shredder is a thermic lipolytic and appetite suppressant, with this product you will destroy your body fat in just a few weeks (it includes two types of yohimbine)

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