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Zinc and Magnesium supplement

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ZMAG-T 90 veggie caps (vegan) by GAT Nutrition is zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 enriched with boron to improve the metabolism of magnesium but also as a support for bone health as it improves calcium absorption; with this product you can easily exceed your potential limits of physical strength and hypertrophic mass, remembering also that the fact of having higher levels of testosterone available can also be a valuable aid in the slimming field, and later we will see how and why.

ZMAG-T GAT: the best of natural stimulation of anabolic hormones

There are different hormonal precursors, some ineffective, others excellent, others still really performing but hiding health hazards; here instead we are dealing with the most ancient and functional natural booster text, the ZMA; acronym to indicate a specific mixture of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 (here enriched with boron), which acts as a testosterone optimizer, and not as a real stimulator. But its effectiveness is very appreciable anyway, let's see why.

A healthy adult man produces on average 160-180mg of testosterone per week, but nevertheless most of this substance becomes inactive on a biological level after it binds to specific transporter proteins. Here the ZMA intervenes which avoids (only in part this must be said for clarity), that said hormone can bind to its carriers. It is not only a matter of minor importance, in fact the anabolic and ergogenic effect on strength, will be greater the greater the free share of testosterone.

Ok you have increased the "freedom" of man's main androgenic anabolic hormone, what happens now? Basically there are two primary effects that you will be able to experience, higher efficiency of cell uptake against amino acids (hence sustained protein synthesis) and dramatic increase in physical strength. In the latter case it is interesting to note how the training intensity, and therefore the motor recruitment, are directly proportional to the workload, which is the higher the higher your strength. Thus the Zma also affects the intensity in a positive and indirect way.

Slimming and synergies with ZMAG-T

But the appreciable effects in sports of such an integrator are not reduced only to the increase in mass and physical strength, in fact if you decide to use it in conjunction with a hypocaloric and hypoglucid diet, then testosterone will develop part of its potential in lipolytic terms , going to support the degradation of fat, and here the functional synergies take over, with carnitine, Bcaa and other booster texts, we see:

  • the greater release of fatty acids in the blood needs to be assisted by carnitine, a compound that collects these fats in the blood stream and conveys them to the oxidation plants, the mitochondria. From this two different results, support for the production of glucose for the ATP and indirect antiproteolytic effect;
  • the anabolic thrust to the greater synthesis of proteins, requires greater presence of essential amino acids, especially Bcaa, so it will be your care to make sure that these macronutrients are never missing;
  • with other natural stimulators such as Tribulus, Eurycoma or Rodhiola, you will amplify the endogenous release of the hormone, leading to an even greater anabolic action.

Finally, let's not forget the presence of boron in ZMAG-T, a mineral that is recently the subject of studies in the field of sports nutrition, but which already has properties known as the capalization of magnesium metabolism and the increase in the use of calcium for density bone and the consequent well-being of the joints.

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