Muscle Martini Natural 345 gr

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Muscat Martini Natural by GAT are essential amino acids free of artificial colors and flavors with Stevia totally free of Gluten and Sugar.

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Muscle Martini Natural GAT is the new version of the world famous GAT Pool of amino acids, formulated without gluten, without GMOs and without any artificial ingredients. It is an excellent clean source of amino acids to support post-workout recovery, nourish and preserve the acquired muscle mass and support the athlete's performance in training.

With this supplement a complete amino acid complex is added, in fact we find both EAA and BCAA, besides Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine, in fact, important nutrients are integrated such as L-Methionine, L-Theanine, L-threonine, Lysine, Glycine and Taurine. In this new version we also find a very important antioxidant complex composed of an organic blend of green leafy fruits and vegetables such as apple, broccoli, spinach, cabbage as well as pomegranate, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry.

Muscle Martini Natural essential amino acids free of Gluten and Sugar

With this supplement you can therefore support your physical preparation with a rich pool of amino acids and with a perfect antioxidant action, important for all athletes in all sports. This new version of this GAT brand product guarantees a supply of as much as 8.7 grams of amino acids per portion. This complete pool of nutrients is important for recovery, with training, in fact, the muscles are stressed by repeated and intense exercises, which is why the body needs to recover and amino acids are the best nourishment to repair damaged tissues .

With this supplement the protein synthesis is stimulated, in addition to a fast recovery, therefore, the muscles constantly receive the nutrients to grow even at rest. Using amino acids is essential if you want to take your preparation to a higher level. The muscles are repaired after strenuous workouts, this protection speeds up recovery and therefore improves overall the well-being of the sportsman, limits muscle soreness, reduces downtime and overall you can face much better performance, both in training and in the race.

Features of Muscle Martini Natural GAT

  • 100% pure amino acid pool,
  • With antioxidant complex of fruit and vegetables,
  • No GMO, Gluten Free, without colorings,
  • Excellent post-workout support,
  • Improves recovery and protein synthesis,
  • Adding Stevia as a natural flavoring,
  • Available in different fruit flavors.

This supplement has been studied in its formulation to be absolutely pure and therefore amplify the nutritional effect. It is a supplement that in addition to supporting and strengthening the muscles, improves health and overall the well-being of the sportsman thanks to the contribution of macronutrients and antioxidants. In the complex of fruits and vegetables there is also the extract of Acai berries, an excellent antioxidant for heart health and to regulate cholesterol levels.

Muscle Martini Natural GAT also integrates a complex of vitamins and minerals with vitamin C, magnesium and sodium. Contains B vitamins to improve the ability to capture amino acids and improve nutrient absorption. Finally, the blend of vegetable ingredients guarantees an extraordinary taste, very different from other formulations of amino acids that use artificial thickeners or aromas. The recommended dosage to support growth and recovery and to combat muscle catabolism is 11 grams, this supplement can be taken during and after training up to 2 doses per day.

Brand GAT
Made Made in USA

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Muscle Martini Natural 345 gr

Muscle Martini Natural 345 gr

Muscat Martini Natural by GAT are essential amino acids free of artificial colors and flavors with Stevia totally free of Gluten and Sugar.

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