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Men's Tracksuit Pants

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Throwback sweatpants are inspired by the golden age of hardcore training, these trousers honor the iron warriors and their difficult past training sessions. Designed without compromise

• Made of comfortable, flamed cotton fabric
• cotton / lycra Bottom cuffs
• Raw Edges for a vintage look
• Utility pockets with hidden zips
• drawstring in safe waist
• Small GASP badge 
• single iron print Field
• Designed for: Gymwear

Quality: 100% Cotton
Fit: More fitted than GASP regular fit
Inseam: CM S-74, M -76, L-78, XL-80, XXL-82, INCH S-29 1/7, M-30, L-30 5/7, XL-31 1/2, XXL-32 2/7
Waist: CM S-33, M-36, L-39, XL-42, XXL-45, INCH S-13, M-14 1/6, L-15 1/3, XL-16 1/2, XXL-17 5 / 7

Brand GASP
Made Made in USA

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