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Lipo-6 Carnitine excellent supplement based on l-carnitine in liquid capsules, useful for increasing the use of fats, produced by Nutrex

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Lipo 6 Carnitine, a product formulated by Nutrex Research with 100% L-carnitine, a nutrient that performs its action in the context of lipid metabolism, supporting its degradation and transport in mitochondria for energy synthesis purposes; this supplement is made in 1000mg liquid capsules each to ensure the fastest absorption and use possible.

Before going into the mechanism that regulates the action of Lipo 6 Carnitine, two fundamental things must be underlined, the first is that this supplement, while guaranteeing better slimming results, does not contain stimulants, and the second is that its most desirable use is the one in synergy with a low-calorie and low-carbohydrate diet, but also in conjunction with aerobic exercises.

Lipo 6 Carnitine: how carnitine works in weight loss
Meanwhile, let's start by saying that carnitine is a substance naturally present in the human body and that it is regularly self-produced starting from two amino acids, lysine and methionine, then carnitine could also be said to be an endogenous dipeptide; its main metabolic function in humans is to convey fatty acids to thermal power plants known as mitochondria, in order to produce a good amount of energy; this process obviously goes to increase the efficiency of the degradation of the fat stored in the adipose tissues, so here is explained the ratio of Lipo 6 Carnitine.

Without going into the specific explanations of why carnitine conveys fatty acids, we will only say that this aspect determines two fundamental results that are of safe interest in relation to the projection: faster reduction of fat, and support for physical performance; with regard to this last aspect it should be stressed that usually diets for weight loss are characterized by low daily amounts of carbohydrates, and that therefore during the workouts energy can occur down. At this juncture, Lipo 6 Carnitine positively intervenes, leading to a greater use of fats to produce ATP and thus avoid the lack of energy.

Then there are those who claim, but it is still a controversial thesis, that supplements like this can also improve muscle pumping through greater hydration caused by the accumulation of glycerol; this lipidic component which is one of the byproducts of lipolysis, that process that degrades the triglycerides present in the fat in order to transform them into fatty acids, then transported by Lipo 6 Carnitine, and partly into glycerol. Some have hypothesized a correlation between the glycerol produced in lipolysis and a better pumping due to the fact that this element is capable of attracting considerable quantities of liquids to itself, determining greater cell volume.

Synergies of Lipo 6 Carnitine with other supplements

From what has been said so far the connection between this Nutrex product and a faster reduction of body fat is clear, but there are different strategies to further amplify the slimming power of Lipo 6 Carnitine, let's see them together; since the effect of this supplement on lipolysis is only indirect, it is reasonable to think that its action can be assisted and increased by other products which instead act directly by stimulating lipid catabolism, caffeine, tyrosine and thermogenics in general are obvious examples . These are products that increase the production of heat or the speed of metabolism, leading to greater degradation of the adipose tissue which will thus provide substrates for the carnitine to be conveyed in non-carbohydrate energy synthesis routes.

Finally, remember that it is desirable to maintain adequate levels of carnitine even if sports activities are not practiced, in fact its deficiency may give rise to various disorders including chronic fatigue syndrome and other diseases affecting the interstitial tissue that makes up the voluntary skeletal musculature . In summary the main features of Lipo 6 Carnitine:

transports fatty acids into the mitochondria;
speeds up fat loss;
it should be used in a low-calorie and hypoglucid diet;
it is made in rapid release capsules;
can improve pumping;
works in synergy with lipolytic supplements.

Brand Nutrex
Made Made in USA

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