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Savage Roar Pre Workout by Dynamik Muscle, is the supplement that will provide you with energy, power and all the physical endurance you need for effective workouts

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With this new product by Dynamik Muscle, Savage Roar Pre Workout 315g, you can finally say no to ineffective workouts that do not bring results. With this product, which is the result of the experience of the well-known champion Kai Greene, you can finally take advantage of your maximum energy potential, of resistance and therefore of hypertrophic mass. Its aim is to bring to your metabolism all the anabolic and ergogenic nutritional principles, it means enhancing performance and obtaining better plastic results, not only that, this supplement also acts in terms of increasing caloric expenditure and encouraging lipid oxidation; in fact, as well as having improved energy levels, at the same time you will reduce the fat mass.

Savage Roar Pre Workout will activate in you different metabolic processes dedicated to energy production, protein synthesis and lipolysis, so you can experience a new way to train without feeling tired any more and in the meantime you will see your fat tissue decrease or not increase, like it often happens in body builders who face a period of high-calorie diet aimed at increasing hypertrophic mass. So pumping, fat oxidation, metabolic boost and mental concentration to the maximum are just some of the effects this food supplement will cause on you.

Savage Roar Pre Workout, here's what this product contains
Many are the ingredients that make up Savage Roar Pre Workout, from those dedicated to pumping, through metabolism incentives and up to the increase in physical resistance, so we see all these compounds and their relative characteristics:

  • beta alanine (3.2g per dose), it is an amino acid that acts as a buffer on muscle acidity, specifically it is an effective precursor, together with l-histidine, of carnosine, a dipeptide that improves diminishing muscle resistance the presence of hydrogen ions, the main elements that determine muscle failure. When contractile impossibility occurs, cellular energy reserves have usually not been consumed by more than 30%, this because this impossibility is caused by the ions mentioned above which are contained in the lactic acid. With beta alanine you can then take advantage of almost all of the fuel reserves you have, with consequent positive repercussions on the performance and the potential results that derive from it;
  • Citrulline malate with a 2: 1 ratio, ie two parts of citrulline and one of malic acid, these two elements together have proved to be very effective in terms of stimulating nitric oxide, a substance that acts mainly on vasodilation and therefore on greater nutritional intake in the muscles. Obviously, with higher quantities of plastic and energy substrates, there is a better performance both from the point of view of protein synthesis and from that of the metabolism of Atp;
  • acetyl tyrosine, caffeine and synephrine, three different elements that stimulate the metabolism in different ways, supplying neural energy, better oxygenation to the muscles and neurotransmission by means of catecholamines;
  • l-carnitine tartrate, a particular form of this amino acid that acts as a transporter of fatty acids, giving support to the synthesis of energy but also by improving the speed with which fats are disposed of, this ingredient is particularly effective in the field of weight loss diets.

Use and synergies of Savage Roar Pre Workout
As for the best way to use the product, we remind you that it should be taken about 30-40 minutes before the start of training, to give the necessary time for all the nutrients to be properly metabolized and used in their different functions; finally we see how it is possible to further improve the anabolic energy effect of Savage Roar Pre Workout. There are two possible synergies, taken together with a source of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index to determine a faster entry of amino acids, etc., into the cell, and intake with additional sources that stimulate metabolism and pumping, are two concrete examples are guggulsterones and arginine.

Finally a brief summary of the peculiarities of Savage Roar Pre Workout:

  • it provides energy, resistance and pumping;
  • different stimulating elements;
  • fresh and delicious taste;
  • ideal in mass and definition.
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