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100% pure micellar caseins rich in amino acids produced by Universal Nutrition

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Universal Nutrition produces this supplement based on 100% pure micellar caseins. Casein Pro is derived from milk caseins and is gradually digested by our body, constantly releasing amino acids to the muscles. Casein Pro ™ is a protein powder composed of 100% high quality micellar casein proteins. Each scoop of Casein Pro ™ provides 24 grams of pure "slow digestion" micellar casein (unlike whey protein), as it provides a prolonged-release flow of amino acids into the blood, supporting better nutrition than your muscles.

Functional and versatile, Casein Pro ™ can be used optimally between meals and before going to bed. Each delicious spoonful of Casein Pro ™ interacts in triggering muscle anabolism and removing muscle catabolism.

Brand Universal Nutrition
Made Made in USA

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