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Food supplement of Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids from Beef Protein

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100% Beef Aminos produced by Universal Nutrition, is a supplement based on hydrolyzed fractions of adult bovine meat suitable for promoting post-workout recovery.

This supplement is a pool of essential and non-essential amino acids, made only with protein fractions extracted from beef, with high biological value and high metabolic availability, particularly suitable for those with lactose intolerances or for those looking for a valid alternative to the classics EAA.

A single dose of this product will provide your body with the plastic substrate necessary for the regeneration of muscle fibers damaged by intense and prolonged training.

100% Beef Aminos essential amino acids from beef

The characteristics of this supplement, however, are not limited only to the support for protein synthesis in the post workout but is also widely used as a support during dietary diets aimed at weight loss; it becomes an effective support for energy production with a consequent anti-protein effect.

The presence of other compounds such as Arginine and Glutamine will also improve sports performance and recovery.

Taking this supplement immediately after exercise will activate various mechanisms suitable for promoting better muscle anabolism, including support for protein synthesis; in fact, following heavy training, the body needs to rebuild new tissues.

So, whether you want to gain mass or decrease excess fat, this supplement will provide valuable support in achieving your goals.

One of the reasons that over the years has led a large number of people to prefer meat proteins over the classic ones extracted from whey lies in the fact that the latter can cause digestibility or absorption problems caused by the presence of lactose, an element to which always a greater number of people have problems of intolerance.

100% Beef Aminos eases muscle recovery

100% Beef Aminos has been made with hydrolyzed beef proteins, they will allow better digestion and faster absorption than any other protein made without this type of treatment; in fact, they will immediately be available to the body by providing the amino acid support that the body, not being able to synthesize independently, must take through specific supplements for the growth, repair and maintenance of muscle tissues.

The ability of proteins to increase muscle growth is in fact proportional to the levels of availability and digestibility of the amino acids of which they are made.

Universal 100% Beef Aminos thanks to their method of making and preparation will ensure an amino acid composition that will improve and support the growth, performance and regeneration of damaged muscle cells, also promoting mass gain.

Faster hypertrophic growth with 100% Beef Aminos

With a single dose of this supplement you will get a better ratio between testosterone and cortisol, two antagonistic hormones, one anabolic the other catabolic, where the first will favor faster hypertrophic growth:

  • Promote anabolic signaling from which cell proliferation and hyperplastic growth derive;
  • Improve the synthesis of glycocene which is the main source of energy reserve from which the body will draw to obtain ATP;
  • It supports mental focus during one's workouts.
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