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If what you are looking for is the highest protein quality regardless of expense then Animal Whey 908 gr from Universal Nutrition is the right supplement for your nutritional program, this product is made only with concentrate and isolate of whey extracted with methods of mechanical cross-flow filtration that does not damage the molecular structure of amino acids while maintaining their characteristics and bio-availability unaltered.

Another fundamental factor that determines the high "goodness" of Animal Whey is the low content of lactose, fats and carbohydrates, aspects that put this supplement as an excellent adjunct to performance even during muscle definition and not only for what concerns the results of hypertrophic mass; furthermore there are digestive enzymes responsible for the total absorption and possible use to guarantee an adequate supply of plastic macronutrients.

Animal Whey Universal to activate recovery and hypertrophy

Do you train hard and do all the necessary sacrifices at the table? Well, but this is not enough if you want to get the maximum potential results, in fact if you have induced an adequate metabolic boost with physical exercise and fed yourself by doing everything you need, if you do not rest and recover your muscles adequately , I'm sorry, they will never grow even an inch, and indeed, if you continue this way you will face overtraining. To avoid all this with extreme ease you need a supplement like Animal Whey which, thanks to the immediate speed of release of amino acids, will immediately provide the necessary nourishment to your body, which will thus be able to restore and regenerate stronger, larger and more resistant muscle fibers before.

To amplify the metabolic effect of Animal Whey you will have to correctly size your post workout snack by adding a high glycemic index carbohydrate source to the product in question to give a greater cellular boost and favor the entry of amino acids into the cells, only in this way the protein synthesis can be carried out effectively and the nitrogen balance will be kept positive.

Digestive enzymes and other interesting features of Animal Whey

If you are a bodybuilder you know that in the mass phase the caloric intake must be very high and therefore the quantity of food that you will have to ingest every day will be greater; this method, so called in a nutshell, works to increase the mass but can cause digestion problems, for this Animal Whey is implemented with a blend of digestive enzymes (papain and bromelain) which will be useful in order to guarantee the total and complete absorption of the nutrient and without giving rise to unpleasant intestinal swellings, moreover thanks to the presence of a source of dietary fiber the digestive processes will be further assisted.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the health benefits that can come from a supplement like Animal Whey, several studies have confirmed that whey proteins as well as having an amino acid profile very similar to that which makes up the musculature of man, can reduce the risks of different types of neoplastic diseases also reduce blood pressure and promote the production of glutathione, the most powerful endogenous antioxidant present in humans.

To conclude a brief summary of the features of this Universal supplement:

  • only isolated and concentrated proteins extracted with mechanical filtration methods;
  • high biological value and bioavailability;
  • fast release of amino acids;
  • solubility and taste at the highest quality levels.
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