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Concentrated / Isolate Whey Protein 

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Ultra Whey Pro is a great source of whey protein concentrates and isolates of the highest quality, made with excellent raw materials, with a high biological value. A unique protein, it contains a complete set of Amino acids, a product suitable for snacks and for post / workout soluble and with an excellent flavor.

Universal Ultra Whey Pro is a first and most respected whey protein powder on the market.

From the creators of Animal Pak, Ultra Whey Pro is synonymous with quality, trust and results.

This protein shake with an excellent flavor has its own Pure Milk Whey Protein Mix, composed of ultrafiltered concentrate, partially hydrolyzed peptides and whey isolate. Each portion bombards your muscles with 22 g of superior quality whey protein, for maximum results in muscle building and anti-catabolic action.

Whey Protein is digested and quickly absorbed by the body. Immediately after intake, whey proteins get to work to trigger muscle repair, growth and recovery. After being subjected to intense physical exercises, your muscles risk being destroyed to be used as fuel. The rapid action of whey proteins prevents this from happening, keeping those muscles you have earned with so much effort far from catabolism.

Whey proteins boast a complete spectrum of EEA (Essential Amino Acids) and BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids), which play key roles in creating the perfect environment for muscle growth. In addition to building muscles and fighting catabolism, whey proteins are also able to strengthen your immune response and assist you with weight loss during a diet.

Don't settle for an unknown protein powder. Put quality and reliability first. Try the best protein shake with Universal Ultra Whey Pro!

Brand Universal Nutrition
Made Made in USA

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