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Animal Stak Natural stimulant of testosterone and Gh produced by the American company Universal Nutrition, useful in the periods in which the increase of muscle mass is sought

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To increase muscle pumping and the production of anabolic hormones Animal Stak 21 packs is one of the most effective solutions, this product by Universal Nutrition knows no rivals, in fact it has dominated its category for many years; this dietary supplement is desirable to use both to increase lean mass and to optimize slimming results. With just one week of use you will begin to notice the difference in terms of both muscle volume and physical strength.

The main ingredients that make up Animal Stak are of completely natural origin and therefore do not determine the appearance of any side effect, increasing the production of Gh testosterone means significantly improving the use of amino acids in protein synthesis, this leads to two results, more mass and less catabolism.

Animal Stak: discover the testo boost matrix

But how does this supplement cause an increase in testosterone? Thanks to its testo booster matrix made up of zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, chromium picolinate and tribulus terrestris, with these micronutrients you will be able to develop the maximum of your anabolic potential related to this hormone; in protein synthesis, testosterone is responsible for determining the ability of cells to uptake amino acids, therefore the more unbound testosterone is present, the greater the possibility that amino acids will be used in the plastic function.

This aspect is not only fundamental in the bulking phase, but also in the definition phase where it helps to avoid protein catabolism also thanks to a reduced presence of cortisol; at this juncture Animal Stak intervenes in a positive way also thanks to a higher secretion of GH, a more lipolytic than anabolic hormone, this means that it promotes the breakdown of triglycerides and relative mobilization of fatty acids, significantly improving weight loss.

Muscle pumping thanks to arginine in Animal Stak

Two different types of arginine to maximize the pump during training, these amino acids, although not essential, have very interesting characteristics in the field of sport, in fact both arginine Aakg and hydrochloride are able to promote the production of nitric oxide, a substance with strong vasodilating action; this effect, which seems only temporary, actually brings with it concrete and long-lasting results, in fact according to nutritionists a greater flow of blood corresponds to increased nutritional levels that translate into better results of strength and hypertrophic mass.

Not only that, pumping also helps the athlete who is on a diet and therefore with low energy supplies, in this context the Animal Stak promotes the total use of carbohydrates and amino acids supporting a better performance even with low daily caloric quotas. There are many other elements in this product, below we will make a general overview without going into detail so as not to go too far, perhaps going off topic.

Other interesting Animal Stak ingredients and directions for use

It might already seem a lot what has been said up to now about the characteristics of this supplement, but there are further components of the notes that work in synergy with those mentioned above, let's see them in short to better understand:

  • vitamin C, is responsible for reducing oxidizing agents and determines a prolonged half-life of nitric oxide;
  • a blend of two ingredients to inhibit the aromatase enzyme, since Animal Stak elevates the presence of testosterone it is necessary that the same, as they say in technical jargon, does not aromatize, that is, it transforms into estrogen, Calcium D-glucarate and DIM (Diindolylmethane) are used for this purpose;
  • silymarin and lysophosphatidylserine, two elements with a purifying effect;
  • acetyl carnitine and phosphatidylserine, the first assists the lipolytic action by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria, while the second deals with reducing stress thus limiting the production of cortisol. .

Finally, we conclude with the methods of use of Animal Stak, take one sachet a day about 30 minutes after training, while on rest days always take one sachet but on an empty stomach and away from meals, some also prefer to use it before sleep to make the most of the stimulating ingredients it contains, also taking it before bedtime is possible as it does not contain nervous system stimulants such as caffeine.

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Animal Stack 21 Paks

Animal Stack 21 Paks

Animal Stak Natural stimulant of testosterone and Gh produced by the American company Universal Nutrition, useful in the periods in which the increase of muscle mass is sought

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