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Whey Shake is a food supplement based on whey protein concentrate, particularly suitable for athletes who practice intense and expensive physical activity

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What is Whey Shake?

Whey Shake ™ is a delicious, completely healthy smoothie made from 100% whey protein concentrate from the Promina ™ brand.

What makes Whey Shake ™ superior to competence?

The source of Whey Shake ™ whey protein is Promina ™ which is the purest, most healthy whey protein concentrate, with the best taste and solubility, of the market-based non-desnaturalized whey protein concentrate. Other manufacturers use low quality and cheap desnaturalized whey protein, which has a bad smell and a bad taste, and does not dissolve completely metabolizing inefficiently.

What is a desnaturalized protein?

The desnaturalized protein has a characteristic or property that has been altered in some way, losing its biological activity, because it has been subjected to heat, by the enzymatic action or by the use of chemicals in its extraction. A good comparison is a fried egg (desnaturalized) compared to a raw egg (without desnaturalizing) that maintains its natural biological characteristics.

Can Whey Shake be mixed with water or milk?

Whey Shake ™ has a fantastic taste mixed with water or milk. Try it in both cases and choose its taste.

How often should I consume Whey Shake?

Consume Whey Shake ™ two or three times a day, depending on your protein needs. Remember, the best time to consume protein is just awake in the morning, after intense physical activity and before going to bed.

Like all Syntrax® branded proteins, Whey Shake ™ is not only superior theoretically, but is also practically superior to other whey protein products on the market.

We do not get benefits if a product does not offer real yield, equivalent to the performance written on the label. Whey Shake ™ guarantees you a product that offers unparalleled nutritional performance, as well as a delicious taste and an instant blend.

Main characteristics:

Suggested use: As a dietary supplement, mix 1 serving with 240ml of water or milk. For people with low protein needs, they can consume 1/2 dose with 120ml of water or milk.

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