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WPI Zero Fat Proteins, Zero Carbohydrates, High assimilation and digestibility Syntrax

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Welcome to the acclaimed world of NECTAR, the absolute novelty of the concept of protein integration!
With NECTAR Syntrax Innovations definitely breaks the chains in the world of proteins combining PROMINA, the best quality ever developed of whey protein isolate [completely not denatured with the best protein fractions] with an absolutely irresistible and revolutionary taste.

If you like the taste of milk you'll love NECTAR LATTE

A fresh glass of milk and coffee, sweetened with zero fat, zero caffeine, zero carbohydrates.
Excellent taste ... with 23 grams of protein. Match it with a drink without sugar or drink it iced. Tasty! If you love coffee ... this is the ideal protein drink for you.

Brand Syntrax
Made Made in USA
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Syntrax lattes cappuccino

Prodotto di qualità. Citymuscle eccezionale sotto ogni aspetto.

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