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Micellar Casein produced with microfiltration at very low temperature. Not denatured, slow release

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Syntrax Micellar Creme is a casein supplement produced without aspartame. Being the main milk protein, casein is one of the best sources on the market. Unfortunately, if low quality processing techniques are used, they can alter or denature the protein. Denatured caseins, such as sodium and potassium caseinates, dominate the market, but lack the best qualities of native casein.
Native casein, also known as micellar casein, is an optimal product extracted by keeping processing temperatures low through a gentle filtration method. This particular technological process makes the protein mixture decidedly more digestible and soluble.
Micellar Creme mixes immediately with a spoon, has a creamy consistency and a unique taste in its category. Furthermore the formulation is enriched with branched amino acids and glutamine to improve the amino acid profile.

Syntrax gives birth to another product that will delight its aficionados. Micellar Crème is the new product that, together with a spasmodic search for the formula and the perfect blend, combines an incredible taste. Casein constitutes 80% of milk proteins. Unlike whey proteins, casein is digested very slowly, providing the right and continuous supply of amino acids throughout the day. This is why this delicious product can be a valuable aid in the famous pre-sleep snack. Micellar Crème, as often happens with Syntrax products, establishes a new benchmark in the standard of excellence for casein based protein products. With a spoonful of product it is really possible to make a real milk shake!

Syntrax Micellar Creams

The best micellar casein on the market!
Being the main protein in milk, casein is one of the highest quality proteins known to man. Unfortunately, the processing process to which it is subjected can alter or denature this excellent protein.

Denatured caseins, such as sodium and potassium caseinate, dominate the market but do not have the quality of pure casein. Micellar casein is instead a special product as it is processed at low temperatures and without the addition of caustic chemicals (ie those able to corrode organic tissues) through a moderate power filtration method.

Micellar casein is easily distinguished from denatured casein due to its delicious, clean and creamy flavor and its ability to dissolve instantly without forming lumps. Furthermore, micellar casein promotes an optimal state of health by accelerating the recovery and repair of muscles and the body in general.

When your body does not receive nutrients, as happens in the case of sleep, the Micellar Creme protein is indispensable since, being slowly absorbed, it supplies the nutrients it needs to prevent muscle breakdown or catabolism from starting. This characteristic means that the intake of micellar casein is of fundamental importance before going to bed. For the same reason it turns out to be of great benefit for those who want to limit daily calorie consumption.

Micellar Creme Properties

* 0% carbohydrates, 0% fat
* It shines easily
* Extended release formula
* Delight and creamy taste
* Without caseinates salts
* Lactose-free
* Gluten free

Micellar Creme is the perfect supplement for those who wish to lose weight since it guarantees an indispensable supply of superior quality proteins and therefore control of caloric intake. Micellar Creme is not contaminated with lower caseinate salts. Micellar Creme melts instantly with a spoon and is creamy and delicious on the palate!

Brand Syntrax
Made Made in USA

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