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Perfectly balanced food between Carbohydrates and Proteins suitable for Post Workout

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MacroPro by Syntrax is a perfect mix of high quality Carbohydrates and Proteins, able to provide a perfectly balanced food both in post workout and as a balanced snack. Perfectly designed for muscle reconstruction after intense physical effort.

MacroPro is a perfectly balanced blend of Carbohydrates and Proteins of the highest quality. A perfectly balanced food suitable both for post-workout and as a balanced snack, optimal for muscle reconstruction after an intense work session.

INGREDIENTS: Glucic premix (dehydrated sugar cane juice, soluble corn fibers, isomaltulose *, trehalose **), protein premix (ultrafiltered concentrated whey protein, ultrafiltered concentrated milk proteins including micellar casein, egg albumin) , lipid premix (sunflower oil, medium chain triglycerides, partially hydrolyzed starch, sodium caseinate, emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, anti-caking agent: dipotassium phosphate, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vitamin E), cocoa Dutch in powder, aromas, emulsifier: soy lecithin, salt.

Allergens: carefully read the nutritional information on the label before use. Unless expressly indicated, all products contain traces of eggs, peanuts, nuts, soy and wheat.

HOW TO USE: Dissolve three level measuring spoons (ca.128 g) of powder in 250-500 ml of water or milk, stirring with a spoon and adjusting the density according to personal taste. In case of lower energy requirements, reduce the dose according to your needs.


3 measuring cups
Per daily dose (3 scoops)
Energy 500 kcal
Fats 10 g
of which saturated 3 g
Carbohydrates 66 g
of which sugars 53 g
of which Fiber 8g
Proteins 37 g
Salt 0.45 g
Calcium 200mg
Phosphorus 200mg
Potassium 410mg

Brand Syntrax
Made Made in USA

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