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Matrix 5.0 are graded-release proteins with serum proteins and caseins with added peptide glutamine produced by Syntrax

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Syntrax Matrix 5.0 is a protein supplement with a formulation designed to constantly release proteins in the body, preventing muscle catabolism and supporting recovery after training. Its formulation includes a blend of super-fast and slow-release proteins to maximize protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Matrix 5.0 has an ideal formulation to maximize muscle nourishment as whey proteins are rapidly absorbed by immediately making amino acids to the muscles, while caseins and egg proteins gradually release protein ensuring long-lasting nourishment.

Syntrax Matrix 5.0 protein with gradual release

The American manufacturer of this supplement is specialized in the formulation of protein-based supplements, just think of the Nectar; thanks to many years of tests and research, it has managed to select the best protein sources on the market, obtaining a high quality and digestion-free supplement.

The Syntrax team has chosen for the Matrix 5.0 to use ultra-filtered whey proteins, glutamine peptides and egg-native albumins; all first choice ingredients synonymous with quality and purity.

Proteins are rich in amino acids, also called "blocks" of growth by lean mass as they are real bases for the construction of new muscle fibers. Amino acids also play a key role in muscle recovery after intense training, as they help repair the fibers damaged by the intense sports session. When the organism is not given the necessary nutrition in terms of proteins, it reacts by feeding on the muscle itself, causing damage to the muscle cells, the so-called muscle catabolism. To avoid this harmful degenerative process the body must be fed correctly with all the key elements, such as those contained in Syntra Matrix 5.0, necessary to support muscle growth, both throughout the day and during the night, where the risk of running out of nutrients is greater.

Whey proteins, caseins and albumins also have a high percentage of essential amino acids, which are notably important for stimulating protein synthesis as our body is unable to synthesize them independently.

Matrix 5.0 has been formulated with a really low percentage of fats, sugars and carbohydrates while maintaining a unique and pleasant flavor; the Syntrax team also paid particular attention to the solubility, making it instantaneous to facilitate the dissolution avoiding the formation of the annoying and disgusting lumps.

Taking Syntrax Matrix

In order to create a delicious protein shake, simply dilute one scoop of Matrix 5.0 in water or milk, possibly in the morning before breakfast, after an intense training session or before going to sleep to prevent nocturnal catabolism.

Main features of Matrix 5.0

  • Excellent solubility in water or milk,
  • Excellent protein sources,
  • Prolonged release of amino acids to the muscle,
  • presence of peptide glutamine for recovery,
  • Low fat, sugar and calories.
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Made Made in USA
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Matrix 5.0 2,270 Kg

Matrix 5.0 2,270 Kg

Matrix 5.0 are graded-release proteins with serum proteins and caseins with added peptide glutamine produced by Syntrax

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