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Protein Blend with different sources. Syntrax medium and slow amino acid release

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Syntrax Matrix 2.0 is a supplement based on non-denatured whey protein, micellar casein and egg albumin. The common proteins in powder present on the market usually contain a high percentage of maltodextrins and fats that limit the protein percentage and require prolonged mixing.

Matrix solves all the problems currently afflicting low quality protein powders, as Syntrax has chosen to use only the highest quality of proteins, such as ultrafiltered whey proteins, ultrafiltered milk proteins, albumin and peptides of glutamine.

Finally the Matrix have a completely instant mixing so that each spoon melts perfectly in your favorite beverage.

After many years of research and formulations, Syntrax's Matrix solves all the problems that currently affect other low quality powdered proteins.

More importantly, the sources of economic proteins such as sodium denatured and calcium caseinate have been completely excluded from the new Matrix 2.0.

Those of Syntrax knew that, to be among the leading companies in the sector, they should have used only the highest quality non-denatured protein sources, such as ultrafiltered whey proteins, ultrafiltered milk proteins, undenatured egg albumin and glutamine peptides.

Syntrax Matrix 2.0 proteins not only have a fantastic taste, but are unparalleled in their ability to improve overall health as well as the critical construction of body tissues and metabolic processes.

To make the product of the highest quality in the industry, Syntrax knew it still had to do something. In fact, he decided not to settle for anything less than the best protein tasting powder on the market. After countless tests, they arrived at different tasty flavors, which are delicious to consume.

To complete this incredible protein food supplement, Syntrax Matrix is ​​completely and instantaneously soluble so that each spoon dissolves perfectly in your favorite beverage, water or milk. No more disgusting mixes or blenders that dirty your kitchen ... with Matrix 2.0 you will need only a spoon!

MATRIX 2.0 is a protein supplement with sweeteners; it is indicated in cases of poor dietary intake of this nutrient or increase in physiological needs.

Matrix 2.0 is produced using various non-denatured protein sources and slow assimilating micellar caseins. It is perfect before sleeping but also at other times of the day.

Benefits of SYNTRAX MATRIX 2.0:

    * Whey protein, micellar casein egg albumin
    * of vital importance for recovery and healthy eating
    * Best guaranteed protein taste
    * Glutamine peptides
    * mixes instantly

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