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JetFuel Diuretic is a new draining supplement from GAT that helps to eliminate liquids and hinder water retention.

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GAT, the company now known on the international dietary supplements scene, presents its new JetFuel Diuretic product designed to facilitate the elimination of fluids retained in the cells that cause the hated water retention and hinders muscle definition.

This supplement is formulated with a detailed blend of plant extracts that synergistically help our body eliminate excess fluids in the subcutaneous layer, being a product without stimulants of the nervous system it can also be used by people who do not tolerate this ingredient such as caffeine.

GAT JetFuel Diuretic mix of plant extracts with draining action

Getting a "dry" and defined physique is the goal of many of us especially during the summer season when the fateful test is approaching, to achieve this goal we need to act on various key factors such as low-calorie diet, aerobic activity and proper integration. Unfortunately nowadays with the numerous stresses that our body has to undergo daily due to work and to the very accelerated rhythms of vines, it is not easy to obtain the body you want.

In these stressful situations our body produces a greater quantity of cortisol, a hormone that if present in excess releases a high quantity of sugars in the blood which, being in excess, are converted into storage fat, furthermore it makes that water is retained in the Subcutaneous cells, it is clear that this situation clearly hinders the definition and the loss of weight.

Aware of this condition in which many people find themselves, the company GAT has formulated Jetfuel Diuretic, a supplement that falls within the category of draining that can regularize the glycemic curve and expel excess fluids. This formulation has been designed to be used by both male and female sex, highly recommended for women who usually have water retention problems that cause blemishes such as orange peel skin.

The main ingredients of Gat Jetfuel Diuretic

- Bearberry: used for decades as a natural prevention of urinary inflammation, it is very useful for keeping the urinary tract healthy, preventing infections, and it also plays an important draining action.

- Dandelion: or known as Dandelion root (lion's tooth) is the most used plant extract in draining supplements as its diuretic properties are now known and demonstrated by numerous studies. The dandelion being rich in flavonoids manages to mobilize excess liquids allowing their elimination; it also facilitates the filtering of the liver by carrying out an important hepatoprotective action.

- Beetroot: beetroot has numerous antioxidant properties counteracting the formation of free radicals; its high concentration of mineral salts is also useful for regulating the electrolyte balance.

- Grapefruit and Lemon: both of these plant extracts have a high presence of group B vitamins that improve energy production and increase the elimination of excess liquids by promoting a dry body and preventing water retention in the cells.

- Black pepper: "piper nigrum" its chemical name is present in many formulations for its properties that improve the assimilation of the ingredients present in JetFuel Diuretic in the intestinal tract, allowing a greater draining effect.

- MCT Oil: consist of saturated medium chain fatty acids able to be easily assimilated by our body and used for energy purposes. In addition, numerous studies have shown that MCT fatty acids are able to regulate blood sugar levels by balancing the presence of cortisol.

Main features

  • Powerful draining action,
  • It improves the purification of our orgamism,
  • Formula based on plant extracts,
  • Strong antioxidant action,
  • It facilitates the elimination of excess liquids.

Based on the information provided directly by the producer, 3 cps a day are recommended away from meals, of course we also recommend drinking a minimum of 2.5 liters of water per day between meals.

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JetFuel Diuretic 90 Caps

JetFuel Diuretic 90 Caps

JetFuel Diuretic is a new draining supplement from GAT that helps to eliminate liquids and hinder water retention.

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