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JetFuel 144cps GAT is one of the most successful slimming formulas in Europe, this product is made with a specific blend of ingredients that will control your metabolism, activate lipolysis and inhibit appetite, all aspects that are obviously directly connected with a slimming much faster. By taking the supplement during your diet to lose weight and in conjunction with aerobic workouts, or better yet high intensity HIIT, you will see your abdomen sculpting day by day.

Caffeine anhydrous, Guggulsteroni and Synephrine, are just a few, the main ingredients of the supplement in question, all natural compounds that, although in different ways, will destroy the adipose tissue both by encouraging caloric expenditure, and by promoting the degradation of triglycerides and by means of of smaller quantities of food taken, and later we will see all the specific properties of these compounds.

JetFuel GAT: more energy and lipolytic metabolic drive
Let's start with those that are the most known compounds for use and efficacy in supplements, elements that undoubtedly will improve both weight loss and performance from an ergogenic point of view, especially if you are subjected to dietary restrictions of the low calorie diet, and therefore:

  • Caffeine anhydrous, an alkaloid stimulant well known as it is present in the classic drink, but here it is a form with superior bioavailability, this means that it will dramatically increase the production of catecholamines, such as dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline, neurotransmitters that increasing the speed of basal metabolism entails a greater caloric expenditure and therefore a simpler achievement of the negative daily energy balance, an indispensable requirement to be satisfied to trigger the loss of fat;
  • Guarana and ginseng root, two other plant extracts widely used for their energetic properties, in fact they fight the sense of tiredness improving in fact the performance, also from the point of view of mental concentration;
  • Synephrine, contained herein in the Advantra Z patent, is a sympathetic mimetic compound that is able to decrease the sense of appetite, so as to reduce the amount of food taken in one day, an aspect obviously connected with the loss of fat .

Among the ingredients mentioned above they are practically only the first two to involve a real push on lipolysis, and it is in relation to these that another compound, the carnitine present here in hydrochloride form, intervenes in synergy. It is a similar amino acid that collects fatty acids from the blood and conveys them to oxidation plants (mitochondria), thus leading to faster disposal of fat but also greater support for energy production due to lipid oxidation.

Guggulsterones, theanine and Rhodiola Radice for JetFuel
Among the many other ingredients of this product we still find three compounds of two vegetable nature and one amino acid, again involved with metabolism but also with hormonal anabolism and neural recovery. So let's see what their peculiarities are:

  • Guggulsteroni (EZ), these are plant sterols (extracted from the resin of Commiphora Mukul) that act on the thyroid gland, determining the modulation of the hormonal levels of T3 and T4, and specifically increase the quantities of the former to the detriment of the latter. Since T3 is much more active than its appears, this results in a greater increase in metabolism, in oxygenation of the muscles and also in a direct lipolytic effect. Furthermore iodized hormones improve gluconeogenesis;
  • Rodhiola root, another plant capable of reducing cortisol and increasing endogenous testosterone, thus maintaining lean body mass even in the event of prolonged caloric down.

Finally we do not forget about L-theanine, an amino acid that was added in JetFuel thanks to the fact that the endogenous production of GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter towards the nervous system, is connected. From here there are two distinct effects, better neural recovery and reduction of the possible contraindications induced by stimulants such as caffeine and so on.

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