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Better Bodies training belt

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Anatomical Basic Gym Belt - belt made of Neoprene for good back support !! Wide at the front for good abdominal support, fit and comfort. 5.5 "(14 cm) wide back, narrow belt in strong Velcro fastening. Basic Gym Belt logo Better Bodies embroidered on the back washable with ventilation holes on the back Quality: 60% Neoprene, 40% Nylon, lining 100% . Polyester waist size: XS: 22-27inch (55-70cm) S: 26-31 inches (65-80 cm) M: 30-35 inches (75-90 cm) L: 34-39 inches (85-100 inches) cm) XL: 38-43 inches (94-110 cm)

Brand Better Bodies
Made Made in USA

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