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Lipo-6 CLA excellent supplement based on conjugated linoleic acid in liquid capsules produced by Nutrex

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Lipo 6 CLA from Nutrex is a supplement made with a highly concentrated formulation of Conjugated Linoleic Acid. An ideal product to eliminate excess fat by supporting lean muscle mass. Lipo 6 CLA is not made with stimulants it can be integrated with any other product to lose weight.

Thanks to a concentrated formulation, Lipo 6 CLA can be conjugated with regular exercise to keep fit and sculpt one's body shaping the lean mass. This supplement from Nutrex Research acts as a natural fat burner by consuming the calories to support the energy required by the muscles and promote the development of muscle mass. Stimulant-free Lipo 6 Cla from Nutrex Research can be combined with other Nutrex line supplements. In form of convenient softgel capsules for rapid absorption.

Brand Nutrex
Made Made in USA

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