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T-UP Black by Nutrex is a natural supplement useful in the production and maintenance of testosterone levels. T-UP Black contains, in addition to numerous powerful ingredients, D-sodium aspartic acid, which as widely demonstrated by several studies, allows a Increased production of testosterone. T-UP Black is useful for muscle mass growth. It also contains ingredients that allow rapid absorption by the body. (Liquid capsules to improve absorption by the body).

T-Up® Mega Testosterone raises the natural level of testosterone by making D-asparticum in a quantity studied in the laboratory. Unlike many products that claim to increase natural testosterone, the effects are real and supported by a clinical study.

In this clinical study, the D-aspartic acid used in T-up led to an average 42% increase in testosterone after only 12 days of use. *

An increase in testosterone levels is associated with more muscle growth, increased strength and assisted recovery, with a single dose of product per day.

* Topo et al., 2009, Reprod. Biol. Endocrinol. 200, 7: 120. The 12-day study showed an average increase of 42% in total testosterone levels. The effects of D-asparticum on free testosterone have not been investigated. Although only free testosterone provides muscle enhancement and other benefits associated with testosterone, many experts agree that an increase in total testosterone is accompanied by a similar increase in free testosterone. Swerdloff et al, 2000, J Clin Endocrinol Metabolism 85: 4500.

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