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Gaba 750 mg 90 Caps

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Useful supplement for muscle growth and recovery

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Gaba is a supplement based on Acid-Gamma-Amino-buttyric acid, useful for the physiological function of brain regulation. The supplement is useful in supporting the natural hormonal levels in our body. Gaba interacts with the Hypothalamus, promoting sleep in the REM phase, making it useful in allowing better muscle recovery.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is an amino acid produced by the brain, whose deficiency can lead to numerous health problems such as depression, hypertension, mood disorders and panic attacks, just to name but a few.

Regular GABA integration can help you look at life more optimistically, thanks to the following beneficial effects:

Mood improvement
Relief from stress, tension and depression
Better sleep quality
Calm and relaxed mind
Ultimate Nutrition GABA provides you with 1500mg of GABA with only 2 capsules. Integrate with Ultimate GABA and get rid of all negative vibrations immediately.

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Gaba 750 mg 90 Caps

Gaba 750 mg 90 Caps

Useful supplement for muscle growth and recovery