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Concentrate/Isolate Milk Whey Protein.

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Finally available the new formula by Universal Nutrition of Ultra Whey Pro, a latest generation supplement based on whey protein.
Universal Nutrition, a well-known American company thanks to the production of the new formula of Ultra Whey Pro that have set a new standard for the high quality of the raw materials. If the goal of training is to increase lean body mass or weight loss, Ultra Whey Pro provides an excellent and complete source of milk whey proteins particularly concentrated in amino acids.

Each measuring cup of Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro provides 22 grams of protein derived from the exclusive Pure Whey Protein Blend, an unique matrix composed of ultra filtered isolate whey protein, rich in whey hydrolysed peptides, milk concentrate whey, and peptides of glutamine.

The features of Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro are:

-22 grams of protein per measuring cup,
-ultra-filtered proteins extracted at low temperatures,
-combination of ultrafiltered isolated proteins serum, peptides and hydrolyzed proteins,
-excellent mixing and taste.

Brand Universal Nutrition
Made Made in USA
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