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Animal Nitro by Universal Nutrition is a supplement in capsules based on essential amino acids with a high concentration of Bcaa, ideal for post-workout as an alternative to whey protein

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Animal Nitro 44 Packs produced by Universal Nutrition is one of the supplements based on Essential Amino Acids (EAA) formulated with top quality ingredients and purity suitable for both mass and definition phase, excellent alternative to protein powders for post-workout .

The exclusive and patented complex used for the realization of this supplement, called Human Muscle Protein Complex, is the only supplement on the market that contains seven different glucogenic sources suitable to compensate for the lack of carbohydrates intended for energy purposes and to speed up post-workout recovery time.

The fast metabolic absorption and its bioavailability will ensure that our body can use it quickly and completely without losing precious nutrients that would otherwise be nullified.

Animal Nitro supplement of essential amino acids with fast assimilation

The category of essential amino acids (EAA) includes all those that our body is not able to synthesize independently, forcing us to take them through the daily diet or through specific supplements like this.

Essential amino acids are considered as the most important nutrients in sports as they form the building blocks that will make up proteins and new muscle tissues, promoting their growth. They act directly in muscle cells where they provide nitrogen for the synthesis of other amino acids such as Glutamine and Alanine, exercising an anti-catabolic function of the muscles.

At the end of intense and prolonged workout sessions, our body needs to take in nutrients to activate muscle recovery and tissue repair. In fact, EAAs favor the reconstruction of damaged muscle tissue while contrasting, if taken pre-workout, the sense of fatigue that occurs during intense and prolonged training sessions; they also represent an important energy source during overexertion where the body needs maximum nutrition to complete its activities; in fact they cause a massive increase in fatty acids that will be conveyed and used by our body as a source of energy going to provide nourishment to the cells.

Speed ​​up muscle recovery and protein synthesis with Animal Nitro

Amino acid-based supplements like this one by Universal Nutrition are widely used not only in the mass gaining phase but also in the case of muscle definition by providing all the nutrients necessary to activate the glucogenetic function: alternative metabolic process with which the body produces glucose starting from non-carbohydrate sources, such as amino acids, avoiding proteolysis. In fact, by decreasing the carbohydrate intake, as in the case of low-calorie diets, a loss of mass already acquired may also occur, a process that will not occur with the correct intake of nutrients present in Animal Nitro.

Recent studies have also confirmed that amino acid intake causes positive effects on cognitive function, which is important for mental focus both in sports and in everyday life.

Further studies have also shown that a correct intake of Bcaa amino acids would favor the development of lean mass at the expense of fat. This metabolic process caused by amino acids forces our organism to a "protein breakdown" constraining it to use fat reserves to obtain energy with consequent weight loss.

Features of Animal Nitro

  • stimulates muscle growth,
  • promotes post-workout recovery,
  • hinders muscle catabolism,
  • exclusive patent Human Muscle Protein Complex,
  • great alternative to protein powders.

The importance of amino acids has been tried and proven by all athletes and by the numerous studies conducted on them, now used by all athletes for decades. Recent research suggests that essential amino acids help support an anabolic environment and promote protein synthesis and recovery.

But research has also affirmed the importance of intake timing, dosages, and amino acid mix are all extremely important for amino acid success. Formulated with all types of amino acids (essential amino acids), shapes ("free form"), dose (6 grams per pack), and the right blend of amino acids (Human Muscle Protein Complex™).

Recent published studies suggest that only the essential amino acids (EAA), all those which our body cannot produce, are important to stimulate protein synthesis. Non-essential amino acids (NEAA) would not be basis for the purposes of muscle hypertrophy. While Animal Nitro provides 6 grams of essential amino acids per serving and has a fast intestinal absorption, always to ensure fast transport to the muscles.

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