Build-HD 165 gr

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Creatine Monohydrate supplement for an energy charge.

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Are you finally ready to use a serious creatine that will make you strong and muscular now? BUILD-HD is the first and only truly effective creatine. It does not need loading, it does not contain sugar or maltodextrin. Just 1 measuring cup of very powerful concentrate. BUILD-HD (TM) is the only creatine with ingredients able to increase the Neuro-Cognitive capacity on the market. BUILD-HD (TM) by BPI Sports has the best taste you've ever tried among all the creatine powders! BUILD-HD (TM) dissolves easily even in a little water and is quickly absorbed.

Feature of BPI Sports BUILD-HD (TM)

Ultra concentrated, only 1 measuring cup per dose.
-Creatine with neurocognitive augmentation system.
-Gives strength and lean mass.
-it contains no sugars, preservatives or maltodextrins.
-Best taste of powdered creatines.

Nutritional information:
Dose: 6g (1 scoop)
Doses per can: 30 per dose
Creatine (creatine monohydrate)
Build-HD Matrix:
L-Aspartic acid
Acetyl L-carnitine
Alpha-GPC (glycerophosphatidylcholine)

Recommendation for use: Take 1 measuring cup mixed in 8oz (240ml) of fresh water, either before, during or after training. For best results, on rest days, take 1 measuring cup in the morning when you wake up.

Warnings: Do not use in pregnancy, lactation, in cases of renal disease, keep it out of reach of children.

Brand BPI Sports
Made Made in USA
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Build-HD 165 gr

Build-HD 165 gr

Creatine Monohydrate supplement for an energy charge.