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Supplement with 4 slow-release protein sources.

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This product provides four different high quality protein components: casein (milk proteins), isolate milk proteins, concentrate whey and egg albumin. The protein content is on average greater than 85g per 100g of powder.

Protein content> 85%
Many flavours available
Low carbohydrate content
4 Protein components
Low fat
Optimal protein supply
Bodybuilders and athletes have one thing in common: when they select food they rely on proven and high quality products. Protein concentrates are one of the favorite foods.
Due to increased demand, nutritionists around the world and sports food manufacturers are increasingly looking for high quality raw materials!

The quality of protein concentrates is now significantly higher than a few years ago. HY-PRO 85 ® provides four components of different high quality proteins.

Recommandation for use:
2 teaspoons (30 g) in 400 ml of skimmed milk or water. The easiest way to prepare this product is to blend it. Depending on your body weight, drink up to 3 portions a day. Great for breakfast, as a snack, immediately after training or before going to bed. For optimal training results, consider taking the product daily for a period at least of 6 weeks.
Please consider the table below (especially for those who suffer from diabetes):

up to 80 kg of body weight - 1 or 2 portions per day
up to 100 kg of body weight - 2 or 3 portions per day
about 100 kg of body weight - 3 portions per day

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Made Made in Europe

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