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Muscle Infusion Black 908 gr

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Supplement with 7 sources slow release protein sources.

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MUSCLE INFUSION Black has an advanced formula that presents a mixture of seven multi-functional protein fractions, each with a different absorption and a high presence of amino acids. This powerful mix of fast-acting and long-lasting proteins immediately actives protein synthesis and muscle recovery followed by amino acids that nourish the muscle in prolonged time. After ingestion, its multi-layered protein fractions will be straight in the bloodstream.
To improve muscle nutrition, Nutrex has added large amounts of BCAAs and glutamine, as well as special enzymes to help your body absorb the amounts of protein needed to achieve great results. Each measuring cup of Muscle Infusion Black is equipped with a full range of essential vitamins and minerals to ensure an efficient turnover rate.
Proteins are the building blocks of muscle. Your body builds muscles mainly from proteins. An ordinary protein supplement can only give ordinary results. What you need is a protein that was designed for the professional athlete, so we advise you to buy Muscle Infusion Black.
The main features of Muscle Infusion Black are:
7 different protein sources  for rapid and prolonged action:

-Low content of carbohydrates and fats. Ideal for lean muscle growth
-It contains high quality proteins and lactose digesting enzymes to let absorb the necessary proteins.
-Fortified mixture with vitamins and minerals.
-It does not contain maltodextrins, fructose, oils or other useless fillers.
-Quick mixing with a spoon and easy digestion.
-Absolutely delicious flavour and aspartame free.

Marca Nutrex
Made Made in USA

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Muscle Infusion Black 908 gr

Muscle Infusion Black 908 gr

Supplement with 7 sources slow release protein sources.

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