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Carnivor 908 gr

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Isolated beef proteins for a significant energy and strength increase.

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Don't you tolerate whey proteins? Try Carnivor Beef Protein, the best alternative to classic protein supplements made with milk whey, this product formulated by MuscleMeds in collaboration with the champion Kai Greene, will provide you with an adequate protid intake to optimize post-workout recovery and consequently muscle growth .

The high quality of Carnivor Beef Protein is not only linked with the biological value of beef proteins, but also with many other ingredients that aim to improve performance both from an energy and anabolic point of view. Let's talk in detail about creatine, Bcaa, glutamine, ornithine and Kic, we will check all their specific features and functions.

Carnivor Beef Protein: maximum bio availability and lots of extra energy
One of the most important factors that makes this protein supplement the best in its category, is certainly the process by which the protein is extracted from beef, many supplements are made with procedures that damage the amino acids structure, making them less useful at a metabolic level: it's not the case of but Carnivor Beef Protein! In fact this supplement is produced by hydrolysis, a particular method of isolation that does not cause amino acids denaturation.

In this way the body, at the same dosage, will have greater plastic substrates to be used in protein synthesis, therefore it will be possible better hypertrophied results, thanks to a positive nitrogen balance. This factor is also important to increase lean muscle mass.

As for the energy factors, which are directly connected with hypertrophy, we find in this product high doses of creatine monohydrate, which is a tripeptide normally present in smaller dosages in beef; this macronutrient is essential to catalyze and assist the ATP synthesis metabolism, the primary source of human cellular energy. At higher energy levels there is more physical strength and therefore a deeper muscle fiber recruitment that will allow more effective workouts.

Bcaa, glutamine and Kic for maximum anabolism with Carnivor Beef Protein

What has been said so far is enough to understand the quality of this MuscleMeds sports supplement, but we still have to talk about many other ingredients that do not have a marginal action for a growth target and also definition, here below in details:

branched chain amino acids Bcaa, are perhaps the most known and used nutrients in power sports, to promote protein synthesis (especially leucine), and higher levels of testosterone, decreasing the Doms and increasing physical endurance at the same time;

glutamine, it is a non-essential amino acid for humans, (but it can easily become that due to its widespread use in numerous metabolic processes for sport) that has 3 actions: indirect GH stimulation, cellular hydration increase and immune system support for heavy stress trainings;

Kic, or calcium ketoisocaproate, is a sub metabolite of leucine, this compound has turned out to be a powerful anti-catabolic agent, which is why it is often added to food supplements, its function is particularly important in food program for weight loss and to keep the lean mass at the same time;

Last but not least we finally find an ingredient with efficient and positive effects: it is the ornithine Akg, this amino acid that is not involved in protein synthesis, but it is considered one of the most powerful natural stimulators of somatotropin, a growth hormone. Its role is clear not only in the field of hypertrophy, but also, in relation to better results in a weight loss program: GH, if taken alone, is above all a hormone with a lipolytic and not anabolic character (as many believe).

How to use Carnivor Beef Protein
Which is the best time and the best way to take this supplement? Protein dosages should be considered throughout the day and according to the goal and also to body weight, this does not mean that the daily protein content should be introduced only through supplements, indeed, these supplements, (as their name suggests) must add the missing elements in the diet; as a rule an average body builder takes 1.5g of net protein per day per pound of body weight, for what concerns the dosage of Carnivor Beef protein, we suggest to read the nutritional table on your left.

The post-training phase is certainly the best use of this supplement, when the metabolism needs little time to be supplied with plastic and energy nourishment; for this purpose, Carnivor Beef Protein quickly releases amino acids and therefore immediately activates the regeneration mechanisms, also avoiding proteolysis.

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