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Concentrate and isolate milk whey protein for physical recovery and muscle growth.

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Max Pro by Max Muscle is a super concentrated milk whey and potassium caseinate protein. The product differs thanks to its composition, has a low content of sugars, fats and sodium. The product has a great bioavailability, retains the nitrogen, favoring physical recovery, increasing muscle growth.

Milk's proteins
Max Pro by Max muscle is a protein supplement that is excellent for increasing the daily protein needs of all people, professional athletes and/or amateurs. Composed of concentrate/isolate protein and casinate potassium, this versatile product has a protein "release" with different times of assimilation, all this involves an optimization of muscular anabolism, as well as a strong contrast to catabolism protein.

Thanks to its low fat, sodium and sugar, this formula has been tested and used by millions of athletes and by people who practice bodybuilding. Each MAX PRO measuring cap contains 30 grams of SPC, our special blend of super concentrated protein. MAX PRO contains more than 300% of the available bio proteins compared to a normal whey protein.


Calories per serving: 80 (in water)
1g total fat (1%)
15mg cholesterol (4%)
sodium 18mg (1%)
500mg potassium (21%)
total carbohydrates 1g (1%)
sugar 1g (n / a)
protein 20g (4%)

Brand Max Muscle
Made Made in USA
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