Vitamina C Plus Calcium 60 Caps

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Calcium and Vitamin C supplement

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Antioxidants are a group of vitamins, minerals, nutrients which are essential for the body to fight free radicals. Antioxidants work together to maintain health and vitality throughout life. They perform this free radicals neutralization, which can cause damages to the cell.

The body generates free radicals during energy production. Free radicals are also produced during intense exercise and resistance training, when the body's energy needs are particularly high. Thus, a certain level of free radicals is not only always present in the body, and is also essential to support normal metabolism. When the body cannot neutralize the production of free radicals, defined as "oxidative load," free radicals start to represent a high price the body.

This Vitamin C Plus Calcium supplement produced by Ultimate Nutrition performs a remarkable antioxidant action and assists bone maintenance, thanks to the presence of Calcium. Each tablet of this product provides 826 grams of vitamin C extracted from calcium ascorbate.

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