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Calcium Plus 45 tav

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Vitamin, calcium, magnesium and zinc supplement.

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Ultimate Nutrition Calcium Plus is a supplement of Calcium, Vitamin, Zinc and Magnesium, integrates our body in case of deficiency. Calcium, vitamin and the other components stimulate the blood flow to coagulate, regulating the transmission of nerve impulses and the heartbeat, strongly improving muscle contraction, necessary for all those who play sports.

Calcium Plus by Ultimate Nutrition is a special mix of vitamins and minerals with a good presence of calcium and magnesium which is particularly useful for people with nourishment deficiency or for all sportsmen engaged in long-lasting sports performance.

Several studies have shown that a normal quantity consumption of magnesium is considered enough only in case of sedentary life or limited physical activity with low intensity. On the contrary, it becomes very important for intense training of long duration.
Magnesium deficiency in athletes can lead to disorders such as cramps or muscle pain and can lead to reduced resistance to stress.

Calcium, on the other hand, is the most represented mineral in the human organism and is the main constituent of bones (up to 99%). The remaining amount of calcium is present in tissues and extracellular fluids where it regulates the important function of controlling muscle contraction.
The integration of calcium for a very active sportsman engaged in intense training sessions becomes important because it allows the skeletal tissue to adapt in relation to the type and level of his activity.

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