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Glutamina Capsules to fight muscle catabolism

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GlutaPure 1000mg 300 caps is the purest and most concentrated glutamine supplement in capsule on the market today, served in 1g per cps of by Ultimate Nutrition, a leading company in US in the supplements market for  sportsmen. Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid which, however, may easily become essential, thanks to its multiple benefits for our body; effects and purposes are multiple. It is a real fuel for our muscles, it promotes the production of new lean tissue and significantly increases growth of hormone levels.

The main feature of this supplement in capsule is the high dosage, which allows to reach the daily requirement with only 3 capsules. Although this active ingredient can be endogenously synthesized, intense and lasting physical effort or periods of prolonged stress, can lead to partial organic depletion of glutamine, with the possibility of more infections problems (due to the importance of this amino acid in the defense support), but also to counteract asthenia and chronic fatigue.

Glutapure Ultimate Nutrition: important active ingredients for performance

Why should a bodybuilder consume a supplement like this one? Scientific research has shown a correlation between a decrease in blood levels of this substance and a reduction in protein synthesis; but that's not all, as there are other important reasons to take this supplement; let's see why.

  • L-glutamine promotes the natural secretion of somatotropic hormone, GH. For this purpose this nutrient acts by increasing the serum level of arginine and glutamic acid, which are other amino acids able to stimulate the hormone just mentioned;
  • it accelerates glycogen storage recovery, an indispensable element for the production of ATP;
  • it prevents overtraining, a situation that blocks the improvement of physical performance in general, that is when our body is no longer able to recover in reasonable time after intense physical effort;
  • it is a precursor of "gaba", an important neurotransmitter able to relax the nervous tissue.
  • it increases cellular hydration, improving cell volumization and promoting anabolism.

Glutapure Ultimate for the definition and construction of lean mass

In addition to being a powerful anabolic and energetic element, supplements such as Glutapure can play an essential role also for those who aim to a maximum muscle definition. Cause the amino acid are able to stimulate the production of growth hormone, its use is also recommended during low-calorie diets, and allows the maintenance of muscle mass with a negative daily caloric balance.

The somatotropic hormone stimulates the lipolytic process, degrading considerable amounts of triglycerides, subsequently they are splitted into fatty acids and glycerol. In order to increase the metabolic rate, and therefore calories consumption, a necessary element for weight loss, Ultimate Nutrition laboratory experts recommend combining Glutapure with a carnitine supplement, for a period of at least 6 consecutive weeks.

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