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Pure Muscle Carbs 1250 gr

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Carbohydrate based supplement for an energy charge.

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Pure Muscle Carbs from Ultimate Nutrition is a carbohydrate product. With 55 g and 12 g of sugar per dose, it restores glycogen in the body's muscles for an immediate energy recharge. Its special combination of complex carbohydrates extracted from cereals with fructose in crystalline form, makes it suitable for those who carry out a particularly heavy physical activity.

Ultimate Nutrition Pure Muscle Carbs
Carbohydrates are the body's primary fuel source. If you are a physically active person, your high quality carbohydrates need  is much greater than that of normal people so that your body can support all your activities. Ultimate Nutrition provides you with the right kind of carbohydrates to boost your exercises and speed up recovery at the same time ... energize yourself with Pure Muscle Carbs!

How does Pure Muscle Carbs work?
Pure Muscle Carbs, taken before workouts, fills your energy reserves, ensuring you don't run dry during excercise.
Pure Muscle Carbs, taken after workouts, restores exhausted energy reserves to the right level and speeds up recovery, so you can return to excellent levels of training performance already the next day with minimal feelings of tenderness and fatigue.

Pure Muscle Carbs also facilitates the transport of nutrients such as protein, glucose and creatine into muscle cells - giving you better performance and faster repair of damaged muscle tissue.

2 measuring caps of Pure Muscle Carbs provide 52 grams of Complex Carbohydrates processed in a special way and extracted from grains together with crystalline Fructose. That's all you need to give to your muscles the best carbohydrates for repair and faster recovery!

Marca Ultimate Nutrition
Made Made in USA

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