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Isocool 907 gr

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Isolate protein milk Whey for post-workout.

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IsoCool 908g by Ultimate Nutrition, is the powder protein from milk whey par excellence, this product is made with 100%  isolate ultrafiltered cold seroprotidewith complete aminogramma in non-denatured essential elements . This supplement provides you with plastic substrates in a virtually instantaneous way and with a high level biological value. In the post-workout phase you will benefit from the anabolic boost provided by the supplement to cover amino acids need necessary for general recovery, since some of its nutrients improve the speed of glycogen resynthesis.

Besides all the characteristics of this protein supplement, we must remember the feature that makes it unique among all other products: it is about to understand that there are also supplements with higher percentages made up of denatured nourishment;  this means that the processes of extraction of the protidic matter have corrupted the chemical structure of the amino acids, which therefore cannot be used in their molecular integrity: the bioactivity will be lower. This is not a marginal aspect, in fact, in addition to inadequate plastic support, high quantities of poorly qualitative proteins will stress kidneys for nothing.

IsoCool Ultimate: how is it and why use it in post-workout phase
In the phase immediately following your weight training, your metabolism needs to be restored with plastic macronutrients in a very short time; this in order to avoid that the organism picks up the amino acids directly from the skeletal tissues, decreasing them in terms of size, therefore canceling part of the efforts sustained during training. With this ultrafiltered serum protein product, all the amino acids you need will be released into your blood in real time. But this is not enough to reach your maximum anabolic potential, let's see why.

It is the question of use modalities, in fact it is not enough the amino acids presence in the blood, it is necessary the passage of these nutrients from the blood flow into cells. To this end, you will also need to add to your post workout snack an insulin genetic food source, in order to achieve this result, mediated by the hypoglycemic power of insulin. In this case, carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, at least 2 to 1 compared to proteins, will be optimal to achieve this goal.

Other effects on the body of IsoCool Ultimate
The push for recovery and hypertrophic growth is not given only by what has been said above, in fact, although amino acids are generally used to support protein synthesis, they also have other prerogatives that are certainly linked with better results in the gym, and with particular reference to Bcaa and glutamine:

the branched can support the production of testosterone, reduce circulating cortisol, increase strength and physical resistance and finally decrease the Doms, facilitating reports of cell proliferation;
glutamine, prevents overtraining, supports the secretion of GH, facilitates the elimination of toxins accumulated through physical exercise and reinforces the immune system.

In conclusion, we cannot avoid to consider the antiproteolytic action of IsoCool, in reference to ​​weight loss diets. When the athlete wants to decrease fat, he reduces the calories from carbohydrates, decreasing energy reserves. At this point the metabolism, will pick up amino acids from the muscle for the gluconeogenesis process, reducing the acquired lean tissue during physical activity. You can avoid this by keeping your muscles intact, simply by taking a dose of the product before training.

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