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Concentrate and isolate Milk Whey

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Supplement with 80% protein percentage, Prostar Whey Protein 4.54kg by Ultimate Nutrition,is a product of extreme quality for the high presence of net protides. The isolate and concentrate part of whey protein is extracted from raw material through low temperature procedures, so all the amino acids will not be denatured in terms of function and chemical structure; the specific formula of this product also includes the enrichment by hydrolysis, of different peptide fractions such as glycomacropeptide, immunglobulin and lactoferrine, all nutrients that in addition to have high biological value, are also of immediate metabolic use.

Prostar Whey can be used in two different moments, either immediately after training, or in the pre-workout, as an energy and anti-catabolic support; each portion of this supplement contains 6g of Bcaa, so as to activate all those processes of muscle building, anabolism and energy synthesis. Whether you are in mass or definition, this supplement will improve your results, and now we're going to see how the individual ingredients work in this area.

Prostar Whey Ultimate: immediate absorption for a quick recover

The main application that finds this supplement is certainly related to the phase immediately following physical exercise, a psychophysical condition known as "anabolic window"; at this juncture Prostar Whey will provide all the plastic and anabolic support necessary to repair muscle tissue damaged by weight lifting, to replenish them larger, stronger and more resistant than before, this process is called muscular hypertrophy. Amino acids actually carry out this action, and above all leucine, isoleucine and valine, the three branched ones. In detail these macronutrients can:

-once the requirement of protein synthesis has been reached, they can active the anabolic cell proliferation signals, such as the mTor, these signals will allow you to obtain hyperplasia, the number increase of muscle cells and not their size;

-to support the natural production of testosterone and at the same time cortisol inhibition, in this way it will have improved levels of anabolic hormones at the expense of proteolytic ones;

-increase in muscular resistance, this aspect is very important to reach a more complete and deeper recruitment of motor units, for a much more effective training session;

-they decrease painful impact of the Doms effect, for a faster recovery, giving the possibility to reduce recovery time in reference to next training: this means faster results.

It is not possible not to consider the additional amino acids contained in Prostar Whey, which has a truly complete aminogramma, this requirement is very important for protein synthesis,. Science confirms that after intense physical activities, it occurs a serum decrease of these nutrients, and that the lack of even one of them can considerably inhibit the production of muscle proteins.

How to use 100% Prostar Whey Protein

Let's talk how to take this product to get the maximum results in different situations.

In this regard we note two different uses, to increase the hypertrophic mass, and to support maintenance. In the first case we suggest to take a dose of Prostar Whey immediately after training and in the morning for breakfast, possibly together with carbohydrates with a high glycemic index to provide the necessary insulin boost so that the amino acids can penetrate the cytoplasmic barrier of the cells and be used as synthetic plastic substrates.

The situation is different if Prostar Whey is used during the diet to lose weight, and therefore as an anticatabolic support; in this context we suggest to take it both before and after training, to avoid that the lack of carbohydrates induces the metabolism to withdraw the amino acids in the musculature, reducing its mass. This happens because without carbohydrates the body must find a different source to obtain glucose, and this source, even if only in small part, is represented by amino acids. Finally a brief summary of the features of the Ultimate integrator:

  • 100% whey protein;
  • only undenatured amino acids;
  • rich in Bcaa and peptide fractions;
  • very soluble and excellent taste;
  • instantly absorption;
  • excellent as anabolic during mass process;
  • antiproteolytic action during definition process.

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Prostar Whey 4,5 Kg

Prostar Whey 4,5 Kg

Concentrate and isolate Milk Whey

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