Siero Lipo Fosfaglutatione Uomo 150 ml

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Moisturizing fat burner Serum for male use.

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FGM04 Lipo Fosfagliutatione Whey Serum is a product designed to fight cellulite, thanks to its main ingredient (pure phosphatidylcholine). This ingredient together with L-Glutathione provides acomplete skin nourishment, avoiding aging, it reactivates the epidermis with a moisturizing  and elasticing action. For a stronger action against localized fat, excellent is the combination with Fosfadrink.

This functional cosmetic serum with a high percentage of pure phosphatidylcholine and l-glutathione with the double effect of protecting the skin from aging, with a greater receptive ability to the active ingredients included in its formulation, and of a strong action against blemishes caused by the localized fat. It does not interfere with the thyroid. Particularly indicated for an even stronger effect in combination with food supplement FOSFADRINK.

PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE: lipolysis increase
GLUTATHION: antioxidant
CREATINE: it promotes fat metabolism
ORYZA SATIVA BRAN OIL: nourishing and anti free radicals action
CAFFEINE: lipolytic, stimulating, draining action
CARNITINE: it promotes fat metabolism
TAURINE: antioxidant
ALANINE: it purifies the skin

Apply to the affected area by performing circular massage until absorption, twice a day. In case of physical activity, please use before and after the performance. The fast absorption allows its use in combination with electrostimulation.
Depending on personal sensitivity, a slight redness and /sense of heat and /tingling may appear in the area where the product has been applied. These are completely normal feelings due to the action of the active substances.

Brand FGM04
Ideale per Uomo
Made Made in Italy
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