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Cream with 54 active ingredients with coadjuvant effect against cellulite.

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FGM 04 Studio54 female gel is a cream made with 54 active ingredients, designed to fight cellulite blemishes "localized fat" with a toning, draining, elasticizing, moisturizing and nourishing action. Studio54 female gel is composed of PCA Trace elements that bring the skin to an optimal condition, FGM04 has enriched its content by adding blueberry and horse chestnut, which are effective to prevent and protect weak capillaries. Studio54 female gel eliminates the unpleasant orange peel effect, reshaping the body.

Brand FGM04
Ideale per Donna
Made Made in Italy


suggerito a Chi ha problemi di adipeM cellulite, necessità di tonificare .... davveroo superefficace se applicato con costanza ....

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